CreepingLemonTyme vs Grass? creeping Lemon Thyme to Replace Gr

1818 Federal (7bEC)
March 18, 2018
What do y'all think: Can Creeping Lemon Tyme replace this Grass? 1st pic is the idea. Other pics our actual transformation in 2017 move.

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  • 1818 Federal (7bEC)
    we're focusing on the UPPER yard around the curved brick kneewall, where small sections of grass remain. The sections are about 30x20, and 30x15 (which is split by a sidewalk in the middle). thanks
  • Nobody Cool

    We have planted some creeping thyme in various places around our yard, with mostly good results. However the total area was limited, not nearly as large as what you have pictured here. It does not have a particularly flat growth habit, and dies back more than I expected in the cold of winter (zone 7), which makes it a bit woody and unattractive. It has, however, come back every year since we planted it about 3 years ago. In addition, I have read that it does not grow reliably from cast seeds, and potted plants would be rather expensive for a larger area. I suspect you may not be happy with it as a lawn substitute per se.

    That said, it is something I have considered using myself, and would love hear from anyone who has used it with success over a lawn.

  • 1818 Federal (7bEC)
    thanks for replying! you made a valuable point: with the expense of thyme POTS, we may invest in hardscape, like pavers. the idea of live greenery still woes me, however. thanks again.
  • Nobody Cool

    As a sort of rebuttal to my own argument, gardengal48 has offered creeping thyme as a lawn substitute for my own troubled yard: [https://www.houzz.com/discussions/starting-over-with-a-yard-ground-cover-dsvw-vd~5254152?n=16[(https://www.houzz.com/discussions/starting-over-with-a-yard-ground-cover-dsvw-vd~5254152?n=16) Using plugs, rather than potted plants or seed.

    I think I will give it a try, since all else has pretty much failed! There are many kinds of thyme, so I suppose your milage will vary depending on variey and location. We have planted creeping thyme and lemon thyme. Lemon thyme is the nicer of the two in our yard, and has a fantastic citrus smell, which supposedly will help ward-away mosquitoes. I am skeptical of that claim (but hope to be pleasantly surprised!). It spreads mostly from a central "clump," and kind of died back to that central clump in this year's harsh-ish winter, but has definitely grown from when we planted it last year. None of our thyme has ever bloomed, but that doesn't particularly bother me. I wish I had a greener thumb to make better recommendations, but I am still trying to learn more myself.

    Adding any kind of thyme to hardscaping seems like a natural fit.

  • Elsa

    Nobody cool, I have a question about the creeping thyme that I grew from seed 2 years ago. It was fine and had flower until this month that the center turned brown. But the tip still had some green. If I use it for groundcover, it means I have to replace it when it turns brown? I wonder other people has the same issue. My thyme is called magic carpet.


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