Neglected Backyard overhaul help

Victoria S
2 years ago

We moved into a house (ON, Canada) just over a year ago and to say that the backyard was neglected would be an gross understatement (before pictures, attached).

Last spring/summer, in addition to removing most buried treasures (junk), we have also taken out the trees and replaced the fence at the back, trimmed back the trees along the side, ripped out what we can of the Virginia creeper and planted a couple of things (mainly hostas as the huge tree is a black walnut). As long as we keep it mowed and squint really hard it now almost looks like a livable backyard.

In the short term the goal is to make this backyard just a bit safer for my young kids. This year we hope to fix up the shed and get a side fence up but our bigger issue is the incredibly uneven ground (even I have rolled an ankle out there). So my question is - short of having a skid steer come out and leveling the land and laying sod ($$$$) is there an less expensive and less intrusive answer? Could it benefit from a lawn maintenance company coming out, aerating the ground, filling the dents and laying seed this spring? Is there something they could do that would help to make it less bumpy? Or does this require a landscaping company? Or it is something I could even do myself? Again, I am not concerned about the weeds or lack of grass but more so just the general uneven ground for now.

Thanks to everyone on this site - you guys have been a huge help so far.

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