Geisha statue/doll-? please help identify signature/phrase

May 5, 2018

She's approximately 15" tall and weighs maybe 3 pounds. I'm not familiar with paint techniques but she appears to have a lacquer finish. Not sure though but that's the only thing I could think of apart from saying she's very glossy looking. Based upon the writing I assumed she is handmade. I pride myself on being a good researcher but I haven't been able to find another one online. I also tried deciphering the signature/phrase but I'm not sure if the writing is Kanji or what. The flowers on her kimono are embossed. I love Asian decor and was thrilled when I found her.

Any help is most appreciated.

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  • flowermum

    My apologies, I know this has NOTHING to do with Asian gardening but I was hoping perhaps someone here would know the meaning of the phrase or signature.

    I measured. She is 20.5" tall

  • Jenn TheCaLLisComingFromInsideTheHouse

    I’ve never come across one like this, the figurines I see a lot of are usually replicants of historical figures from the Chinese 3 kingdoms wei shu and wu. My Asian ‘theme’ stuff is all hand painted cups/tea set/ginger jars and the like. I also was happy to get the tea pot my parents bought when they were in the Philippinesand Hong Kong for a summer after they got married, for the sentimental value.

    There are lots of geisha statues from what I can see in the quick internet search for the terms ‘geisha statue, geisha figurine’. I know there’s at least one or two people on GW who might be able to translate the kanji/symbols at the base but can’t recall their names at this moment! Hopefully they will spot this and help you out!

  • flowermum

    Thank you for replying. I know you must cherish the teapot from your parents. I have a plate from my Grandmother. It's just a regular plate but I have it on display and it means so much to me.

  • Jenn TheCaLLisComingFromInsideTheHouse

    The teapot is totally unlike anything I would be drawn to buy myself but this coming September my parents will have been married for 50 years so the fact that it’s from the early part of their relationship makes it so special to me! I know my brother wouldn’t have any interest in it, I’m the more sentimental kid. ;)

  • otcay

    Looks more like hangul.

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