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C. chrysantha (nitidissima)

May 10, 2018
last modified: May 10, 2018

tiny seedling beginning to sprout


I'm not sure if this particular species can survive in zone 8. I don't think so.

I also have a hybrid I'll be testing, to see if it can survive the Winter in the Pacific Northwest zone 8.

Other camellias tend to do really well here.

Comments (13)

  • luis_pr

    I have heard some people make comments like yours (about surviving zone 8). Hope it does well as it appears it will years before it blooms.

    Is the 2nd picture the hybrid that you mentioned?

  • socalnolympia

    No, here's a picture of the hybrid

  • socalnolympia

    here's the seedling again, you can see little leaves now

  • luis_pr

    I just noticed something... what is the enclosure(s) in which the seedling's pot is in? Something special you built? Last 2 pictures...

  • socalnolympia

    Here are pictures of the hybrid cultivar

    Still a young plant, so I think the bloom shape and size will improve with maturity of the bush.

  • socalnolympia

    Here are pictures of the blooms of this variety from Japan, to get some idea of what the blooms look like on an established bush:

    Anyway, I was thinking about trying to backcross C. nitidissima back in to get a deeper yellow.

  • socalnolympia

    current status of C. nitidissima seedling

    It had a setback but now still slowly growing

  • luis_pr

    Too much sun?

  • socalnolympia

    I think the roots might have outgrown the cup it was in, and the soil was a little too moist and the roots got waterlogged and may have begun to rot. The health of the roots can often be seen in the appearance of the leaves. I transplanted it to a larger container. A bigger soil volume can more easily maintain the optimum range of soil moisture.

  • luis_pr

    Ok. There seems to be a discoloration on the leaf located around 11 o'clock. I thought it was sun-related. Why do the leaves look light green?

  • socalnolympia

    hybrid 'Ki no Senritsu' in ground

    It still appears to be managing to survive the Winter here, in zone 8a.

    (Those weeds surrounding it are foxgloves that had been popping up everywhere around here, this is the PNW. )

    picture taken Jan 17

    C. nitidissima seedling still growing (indoors)

  • luis_pr

    Thanks for the update. Say, is the bottom picture's color off or does the seedling need a more acidic soil pH?

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