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what’s eating my leaves?

I just noticed this the other day. I have not seen any bugs on any of my camellias.. and the camellias are the only ones with eaten leaves..

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  • luis_pr

    Probably nocturnal beetles of some type; see info and pictures below for more info:


    You may want to take pictures on different days and from the same location/angle, to see if the damage appears to continue (which means the pest is still around) or appears unchanged (which means the pest may have left).

  • bsmith0023 (z8b coastal SC)
    Sorry I just saw this. Can I use Sevin spray? I have the concentrate that I use around the house. Is it ok for camellias ?
  • luis_pr

    I have never used Sevin because some people told me to not to try it due to having pooches. Neem oil will reduce feeding on your plants. The pyrethrin kills the pest and is said to be safe enough to spray even on food crops. But a systemic insecticide like Merit is an option.I hope this helps.

  • bsmith0023 (z8b coastal SC)
    Thanks. I looked at the Sevin and it seems to be fine. I’ll stay them all down.
    How bad is this for my plants. I just noticed one 5 gal plant with half the leaves eaten like this.
  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    It is not bad for the plant at all. Foliage of any naturally occurring species gets munched all the time by various insects with few, if any, ill effects. It is more a cosmetic or aesthetic issue than anything to be concerned about. I have a high tolerance for leaf disfigurement on most plants as the cure is typically worse than the problem, as most insecticides - and certainly Sevin - will kill off the natural predators and other beneficial as well. I prefer to let nature take its course :-))

  • bsmith0023 (z8b coastal SC)
    Yea that’s true about the good pests too. It just worried me with half the plant in shambles. But that’s good to know it’s not going to die or anything. I had seen it a week ago with just a few leaves and then the other day the plant was covered in damaged leaves so I was getting scared.

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