alkaline soil and tomatoes - what gives?

So my soil is pretty alkaline - pH about 7.9. Been growing tomatoes in it for decades. They are lush, huge, and productive. I need to get some soil acidifier for a hydrangea, and wondering if I should throw some on the tomato bed. EVERYWHERE it says that tomatoes "like best" pH 6-6.8. Slightly acidic. Uh, quite different than what I have.

So my question is, what EXACTLY do tomatoes NOT like about alkaline soil? Symptoms? No, "like better" is not real advice. Mine grow fabulously in alkaline soil, so the advice about 6-6.8 has always seemed kind of weird. My tomatoes seem to like my soil just fine. I have to assume, without some real research to point to, that that this is viral advice that just got copied over and over from some long-ago mysterious source.

Someone somewhere tell me SPECIFICALLY what happens to tomatoes in alkaline soil that I should be avoiding.

No, I don't grow blueberries.

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