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Help For Some Pathetic Roses

I have some old rose bushes - maybe 15 to 20 years old - that have shrunk down over time and now look quite pathetic. Based on their current appearance, is this likely a problem with low watering levels? I have them on a time with drip tubing, but I am sure many of them are getting very sparse water.

They are in clay soil and I have about a one half inch mulch of wood bark currently, which I plan to increase. They were fertilized with organic fertilizer about three weeks ago and I do not see much evidence that this helped with any aspect of growth.

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  • westes Zone 9a California SF Bay

    @strawchicago, wow, are you telling me Gardenweb has been deleting all of my posts that link to anything on Amazon? I do this all the time.

    For them to delete any of my messages without a notification or explanation is unprofessional of them, and it's infuriating. Will the original poster of the Amazon link see the message as deleted?

  • Emily H

    Hi there, There are automatic filters in place as an anti-spam mechanism. Legitimate comments that inadvertently trigger this filter are released and published as soon as they are reviewed. Regular users can not remove anyone else's comment.

    If you have questions about comments you posted not appearing, please get in touch with our team through help.houzz.com. We can help you there, and take some of the mystery away. Thanks!

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  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Does anyone know what happened to all the other comments that were here this morning, including all of strawchicago's comments? They have all disappeared.

    westes Zone 9a California SF Bay thanked rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)
  • westes Zone 9a California SF Bay

    @Emily except in my experience Houzz takes sometimes two weeks to respond to an inquiry and when it does they almost never answer the question that was actually asked.

  • Emily H

    I removed some of the comments here because they were discussing other members of the community and contained inaccurate information about how comments can be removed and who can do it. We do not want to spread misinformation.

    Westes, support should get back to you in a much shorter time than that. Apologies if that has not been your experience, and I thank you for letting me know!

    westes Zone 9a California SF Bay thanked Emily H
  • westes Zone 9a California SF Bay

    @Emily You aren't winning any customers by deleting people's comments as your solution for setting the record straight. And this is doubly bad because you are not properly notifying people of those deletions. It doesn't matter to me that the deletions were done by your admin staff or another user. If I take the time to generate content and you change any aspect of that, I want to be notified about that change.

    I also hate that I see some of my comments in this thread,, but you have hidden those posts from a public view. How does that make me want to spend more time posting on your site? Have you seen how much content I have been generating for you for free in the last year? How many gazillion times did I post here? And this is how you treat your customer?

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