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Peony Buds Dying Before Opening

June 11, 2018

Hi there, we've moved into a house with three large peony bushes. They look healthy, although they should have been staked or caged as they were very big when we arrived. That being said, two weeks ago they were blooming beautifully. We deadheaded the spent flowers. The bush grew many more buds, but now the buds just brown up and die before ever opening. All of them, and there are a lot. I haven't seen a single bloom since we deadheaded them a week ago. The leaves are green (no yellow or brown) and the bush looks healthy otherwise. Any thoughts to what could cause the buds to do this?

Comments (4)

  • maifleur01

    The small buds would never have become large enough to bloom and the plant aborted them when it became warmer. Depending on how warm your temperatures have been the larger bud also appears to have been effected by the heat.

  • Festiva Maxima (MD 6B)

    Your peonies are simply done blooming for the year. It's perfectly normal for the smaller buds to not open. Some folks even remove the secondary buds when they are tiny, so the plant puts all its energy into the big primary blooms. Your peonies look happy and healthy, so you have something to look forward to next spring.

  • windberry

    I agree 100% with Festiva. It is normal for Peonies.

  • cefandl

    Thank you everyone! They were certainly beautiful while blooming.

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