Native umbrella and Fraser magnolias

June 15, 2018
last modified: June 15, 2018

I’ve decided that I want a native deciduous magnolia; either an umbrella (Magnolia tripetala) or Fraser (M. fraseri).

I’m in zone 6B - 7, just outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Any suggestions?

Any idea where to find one for sale?

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  • arbordave (SE MI)

    Rare Find and Woodlanders both list umbrella magnolia.

    You could also try Beaver Creek Nursery in Knoxville, if they don't have it they may be able to steer you to to someone who does.

  • dbarron

    PineRidge Gardens has these I believe. Well I checked and no fraseri listed.

  • Embothrium

    Flowers of umbrella magnolia foul smelling (a British source once said "like a wet goat"). Fraser magnolia more attractive in other ways also - keep looking until you find that one. It has been measured over 105 ft. tall in the park:

  • KennsWoods formerly kentrees

    Fraser mag grows as a tree, and is native to your area, umbrella generally grows as a multi-stem large, wide spreading bush, with a large footprint, and is native to my area, mid Tenn. Flowers of fraser are sweet scented, umbrella flowers have been described in less flattering terms. If you like the smell of privet, you'll like the smell of umbrella. My late wife couldn't stand it, I liked it lol. Fraser needs full sun to be at it's best, umbrella can stand some shade, but does best in full sun. Both are white, but my fraser, originally from Woodlanders, reads pale yellow from a distance, but creamy white up close. If you are anywhere near Knoxville, visit Beaver Creek, Mike has an amazing display garden, full of woody goodies.

  • sam_md

    shantony39, how far are you from W.Carolina Univ? The CULLOWHEE CONFERENCE is coming up in a couple of weeks. They have great vendors there, you don't have to register for conference to shop vendors. They have plants there you can't get at other places.

  • bengz6westmd

    Here's my umbrella mag -- IIRC got it from OIKOS treecrops. Like kenswoods, I sorta liked the flower smell -- a haunting sweetness w/a slight hint of corruption. Fringe trees around it:

  • Embothrium

    Low forking habit typical, whereas Fraser magnolia tends to have a single trunk of some length. Which is one of the ways it is more impressive visually (it also grows taller).

  • sam_md

    Yellow splotches which I have seen only on umbrella magnolias, don't know what it is but can't be good.

  • Embothrium

    When they have those they're called "party umbrella magnolia".

  • bengz6westmd

    sam, that umbrella is for use for "spotty showers".

    Seriously, I have no idea what is causing that. Spider mites on steroids?

  • conifer50

    Example of Umbrella Magnolia and Fraser Magnolia seeds

    Fraser seed(R) very difficult to harvest in quantity and I've never found

    a seed dealer with more than a meager/token supply and viability is

    often almost nonexistent!

  • Embothrium

    Magnolia casseroles.

  • josephene_gw

    Mail-order natives. Lee, Fl.

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