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FAQ Thread: Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Definitions

last year

We have many acronyms and abbreviations on the Kitchens Forum that you may not see anywhere else or that might have a different meaning than what you're used to. See the posts below for the list. (The maximum size of a starting post of a thread is too small to fit it all.)


Note: This thread will be included in the "New to Kitchens" thread, so please do NOT bump this thread, ask questions on it, or post anything else to this thread! If you have an acronym to add, please contact me via my member page:

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  • Buehl


    ABB -- All But Backsplash

    AFAIK -- As Far As I Know

    AG -- All Gas (range)

    AHJ -- Authority Having Jurisdiction. (In other words, the building department)

    AP -- Analysis Paralysis

    ASAP -- As Soon As Possible



    b/c -- Because

    b/f -- Before

    b/w -- Between

    BA -- Bathroom

    BB -- Bead Board; Big Box (store) (depends on context)

    BIL -- Brother-In-Law

    BM -- Benjamin Moore (paint)

    BR -- Bedroom

    BS -- Backsplash

    BTW -- By The Way



    CD -- Counter Depth

    CFM -- Cubic Feet per Minute (measurement of air flow, particularly in range hoods)

    cm -- centimeters

    CSO -- Combination Steam Oven

    CT -- Countertop

    CYA -- Cover Your A**



    DD -- Dear/Darling Daughter; Dishwasher Drawers; Dear Dog (depends on context)

    DF -- Dual Fuel (range - gas cooktop / electric oven)

    DH -- Dear/Darling Husband

    DIY -- Do It Yourself

    DR -- Dining Room

    DS -- Dear/Darling Son

    DW -- Dear/Darling Wife; Dish Washer (depends on context)



    e.g., -- For example

    EPS -- Expanded Polystyrene

    ETA -- Edited To Add; Estimated Time of Arrival (depends on context)



    F&B -- Farrow & Ball (paint)

    FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

    FIL -- Father-In-Law

    FD -- French Door (refrigerator)

    FKB -- Finished Kitchens Blog

    FOBO -- Fear of Better Options

    FOGSS -- Fumes, Odors, Grease, Smoke, Steam

    FP -- Fisher Paykel (appliances)

    FWIW -- For What It’s Worth



    GC -- General Contractor

    GE -- General Electric

    GW -- GardenWeb



    HD -- Home Depot

    HOGSS -- Heat, Odor, Grease, Smoke, Steam

    HTH -- Hope This Helps



    i.e., -- In other words

    ICF -- Insulated/Insulating Concrete Form

    IIRC -- If I Recall Correctly

    IMHO -- In My Humble Opinion

    IMO -- In My Opinion

    ISO -- In Search Of

    IWSF -- Ice. Water. Stone. Fire (from Marcolo's thread)



    JA -- Jenn-Aire



    KA -- Kitchen Aid

    KAW -- Kitchen At Work

    KD -- Kitchen Designer



    LOL -- Laughing Out Loud

    LP -- Liquid Propane

    LR -- Living Room

    LS -- Lazy Susan



    MBA -- Master Bathroom

    MBR -- Master Bedroom

    MIL -- Mother-in-Law

    MW -- Microwave



    OMG -- Oh My Gosh

    OP -- Original Poster

    ORB -- Oil Rubbed Bronze

    OT -- Off Topic

    OTOH -- On The Other Hand

    OTR -- Over The Range



    PITA -- Pain In The A**

    POC -- Point of Contact

    POV -- Point Of View

    PR -- Powder Room

    PTB -- Powers That Be



    RO -- Reverse Osmosis

    ROFLMAO -- Rolling On Floor Laughing My A** Off

    ROTFLMAO -- Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off

    RTFM -- Read The “Freaking” Manual



    SAHD -- Stay At Home Dad

    SAHM -- Stay At Home Mom

    SD -- Standard Depth

    SF -- Square Foot

    SH -- Stuff Happens (polite version!)

    SIL -- Sister-In-Law

    SMH -- Shaking My Head

    SO -- Significant Other

    SOB -- Scroll On By

    SS -- Soapstone; Stainless Steel; Super Susan (depends on context)

    SW -- Sherwin Williams (paint)

    SWMBO -- She Who Must Be Obeyed

    SxS -- Side by Side (refrigerator)

    SZ -- Sub Zero



    TFS -- Thanks For Sharing

    TIA -- Thanks In Advance

    TKO -- Totally Kitchen Obsessed

    TOS -- Terms of Service



    UC -- Under Counter



    w/ -- With

    w/o -- Without

    w/s -- Workspace



    XPS -- Extruded Polystyrene



    YA -- Years Ago

    YMMV -- Your Mileage May Vary

  • Buehl

    Again, please do not post to this thread. If you have an acronym you think should be added, please contact me via my member page:

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