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What to do? Front entrance brick planter

Margaret Wetherell
July 7, 2018
We cut back the bushes under our front window and revealed what i assume is a planter? plastic removable square container sits in the brick, apparently used as an ash tray by previous owners. any better suggestions? not really wanting to to fake flowers in it.

Comments (13)

  • Sammie J

    Why not some real flowers?

  • simplify52

    Plant beautiful annuals!

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Take it out or plant it with real stuff and remove that bush from the other side it looks odd .

  • cpaul1

    I would remove that brick planter. There is no reason for that to be there. And I would take down the bush on the other side of it, it's too big to be there. Ultimately all of your landscaping needs to be updated. Those two pruned bushes are making your house look very dated, and that palm tree plant in the middle looks very odd there. Also the color of the mulch is making your house look dated. Next time you redo it, use a dark brown color mulch instead of that red.

  • baileysr
    How about a pot of geraniums?
  • PRO
    Spallina Interiors
    Your bushes are too high, they should be below the window sill. I would fill in the planter, you could put a pot of flowers on top of it, but not in it.
  • partim

    If you don't want to fuss with the planter at all, just remove the plastic liner and put a slab of stone on top, to cover the hole. It would look like a seat. Or if you like the look, you could put a cast stone ornament on it, something like a large coping ball. (Or if you're one of my neighbors, a lion!) If you want something green but not fake flowers, there are some very realistic fake shrubs available now.

    I agree with previous posters that your square-ish shrubs need to be
    trimmed even lower, so that the window sill is visible. Also round off
    the corners so they don't look square. The shrub to the left of the
    door, if you want to keep it, should be cut down to half its height, and
    made narrower.

  • C Kyle
    Plant something low maintenance in there— what zone are you in? Lavender does well in the Pac NW, or a Rosemary, which will reward you with a nice aroma every time you come home. Rosemary is evergreen where I live.
  • chloebud

    Agree you need to unblock the window...big time. If you want to keep the sago palm, see if you can relocate it. I know they're pricey, but I've never understood their appeal. Also agree with trimming the bush down between the garage and front door to half its height.

    I like the planter and think ivy geraniums (NOT zonal geraniums) spilling out from it would be nice for constant blooms...year round for me here in Southern CA.

    No fake flowers in the planter. They used it as an ash tray? Charming.

  • D M

    I like the idea of a bench going all the way to the wall. The cubed shrubs need to go as well as the shutters that do nothing for the picture window.

  • chloebud

    ^^^Agree with D M...definitely no shutters on a window that large.

  • Margaret Wetherell
    we didnt like the shutters either, should we just take them off and leave the window with nothing?
  • partim

    Yes, remove the shutters and don't add anything else to the window itself.

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