Why wont my Figs ripen?

Sid Khan
last year

Hi. I recently moved to the Midlands, Reddutch, England in December last year to be precise.
I have 4 Fig trees in pots. 3 have fruit but non have ripened this year. Im so dissapointed as I have a South facing garden and the weather has been upto 32C this year.
Any advice in how to ensure tgey fruit will be gratefully received.
The 2 large trees were bought in Germany about 4 years ago. One has plenty of round figs on it the other has longer shaped figs on it but much less fruit. They were both purchased together and meant to be Brown Turkey/Ficus Carrica. Neither of these have ever ripened.
The third is approx 2 years old and from a cutting. This actually gave me 2 ripe figs last year. This year it has lots of fruit and grown well but non have ripened. They look very similar to the figs on my large tree.
The fourth tree is the smallest and also from a cutting. This tree has been messed about as I put it in the conservatory in spring but it was too hot in there and the leaves began to burn. The branches seem very dead and has no fruit whatsoever. This fig leaves are much thinner than my other trees. It is the smallest tree.
All my trees get watered regularly. They are in pots. The largest tree with the most fruit is in a 30Litre plastic pot where it has been for at least 3 years.
The second largest tree is the most disappointing as its fruit is very limited and excitingly a different shape. Fruit is slightly red from the start but not ripening.
My best hope is in the 3rd one that gave me 2 fruits last year. This year its grown very well and has quite a few figs on it. This is in a clay pot.
The fourth one is a disaster. Lol
All trees were over wintered together in a wooden shed.
I've been told to place them in soil ie. In the ground.
My new garden has clay soil. I hear figs will grow in clay soil but figs dont like to sit in water especially over winter. So Im considering sorting the soil out with soil conditioner, compost and composting.
Help. How do I ensure best chance of them fruiting?
Thank you.

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