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Any idea what’s causing these tiny marks on my glacier tomatoes?

Brian Collins
September 2, 2018
last modified: September 2, 2018

Some of my tomatoes have started to develop these little brown scabs or scars. I’m guessing it has to do with stress from all the dryness and sun we have had this season in Michigan but open to ideas. The plants themselves look pretty nice, I did also prune them back a bit about 2 weeks ago.

Comments (5)
  • Brian Collins thanked lgteacher
  • digdirt2

    Stink bug damage is another real possibility for the small spots and I see some scabbed over cracking as well. That is an inconsistent soil moisture issue. IME alternaria spots are usually larger, darker in color and sunken in.


    Brian Collins thanked digdirt2
  • Brian Collins

    I didn’t think it was a match for Alternaria either, pretty close, but these are very light surface scars. I did have some tomatoes crack in addition to the cracking in the photo. Thanks! I’ll treat the plants for stink bugs and keep my fingers crossed.

  • Jean

    That's not from stink bugs. If it were, the underlying tissue would be damaged.

  • digdirt2

    Sorry to disagree but much of the fruit, especially the 2 foremost in the photo do show the yellowing of underlying tissue damage. It is what one often sees with newly hatched or molting nymphs.


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