walk in pantry layout

I'm struggling with layout plan for my walk in pantry & would really appreciate any advice. measurements are 8'x8' with a 4 & 1/2' x 2& 1/2' entry. Entry door is 2'8" & swings in to the left side. I think there is enough room for an appliance counter on three sides (already have plugs installed) but not sure how deep it should be or how high above counter should first shelf be. The wall on right side of the doorway is 16" so thinking that on that side of pantry countertop 16" deep and shelves above 12" deep. On back wall & wall to the left counter could be deeper. Small area (behind refr/freezer ) could be just shelves for large stock pots & large seafood cooking pots ...I live in South Louisiana and we cook a lot of boiled seafood! I don't know how high off the floor the first shelf should be nor how deep it should be. Perhaps a good place for baskets of stuff. Budget doesn't allow for slide out shelves so may add those later. Meeting with our contractor tomorrow to go over closet layouts which they will start building out next week. They'll just have to wait for pantry layout till I get it right. Ceiling in pantry is 10'. Hopefully someone will be able to help me out as I've spent way too many hours on this and still not satisfied. Thanks

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