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mold on outdoor cedar ceiling w polyurethane coating

tj starkey
3 years ago

Hello to all,

In Houston, we have high humidity. The ceiling in question is outdoors and has, for the second time, mold on the cedar T&G boards that have 4-5 coats of urethane. I used some 409 w a soft/foam sponge mop to clean them the first time.

Based on the pic's below, does anyone have a suggestion on:

1. Best thing to use to kill/remove mold that will no harm finish?

2. Anything I can apply proactively that will prevent mold and not hurt finish or leave "water stains" film or the like? Note, the mold has not penetrated the urethane to the wood; it's just on the urethane/coating surface if you have any questions, pls let me know.

Thank you very much, tstex

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