Fixer Upper / Window Replacement - Need help Navigating The Options!!

2 years ago

It's time for us to replace 14 windows in our NYC-area "fixer upper". 10 are 1971 original single-hung wood windows. I'm overwhelmed with where to begin - the internet almost has too many options.

Here's what we have:

6 single-hung wood windows are located in the front of the house & face North/Northeast:

  • 2 in the garage
  • 2 in dining room - w/ insect screens
  • 2 in bedrooms - w/ insect screens
  • All have decorative grills

4 single-hung wood windows are located on the side of the house & face more North/Northwest:

  • All 4 are in bedrooms - w/ insect screens
  • all have decorative grills

4 casing-window-set (2 swivel out & 2 stationary) -is located in the front of the house North/Northeast - all with decorative grills

Our home is a Traditional custom ranch home in the NYC-area.

Overall, I was told to look at Andersen, Pella & Marvins. Specific model(s) were not recommended. Our philosophy towards bigger investments (or car buying) is "practical yet good reputable reliable quality." I'd like the "Toyota or Honda Accord or Honda Pilot-of-windows" & I am willing to consider "upgrades" i.e. energy efficient etc.

  1. What brands / models should I look at ?
  2. Vinyl? Aluminum? I have read pros & cons but I am not convinced on which type after reading.
  3. Is it worth considering buying Andersens from the big box stores? I will not use their general contracting service.
  4. Window world? Anyone use them?
  5. Do I need windows with wood interiors? The interiors of all of my windows were painted white by the previous owner.
  6. Warranty from big box store on the window product?
  7. What am I missing here?

I am so LOST & I am not sure how to begin to cross my T's & dot my i's in this process. Every article I read on the topic today says, "here are the pros & cons" & "look at your budget".

It's easier to deal with a root canal then this!!! I appreciate all the guidance you are all willing to give me...THANK YOU ALL for you time!!!

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