I had no idea! Cercospora leaf spot ....

roselee z8b S.W. Texas
October 8, 2018

My dwarf yaupon holly hedge in the front yard has had leaves and branches die back for years. I had no idea that a native, tough, small leaved plant like yaupon holly could get a fungal disease like cercospora leaf spot until Patty sent me the article. I just did a close inspection of the leaves and yes, some of them have little brown spots.

I don't mind a mixed hedge so I recently bought five dwarf nandinas to fill in and Bob has planted them. It looks better already, but I need to spray the plants that are left.

Fungal sprays are nasty stuff. Does anyone know of an organic treatment that works on cercospora leaf spot? HERE are some options. If you have had good experience with these or anything else I would appreciate some recommendations.

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