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Need to decide between composite decking And cedar board decking

October 12, 2018

Currently have a rotting wood deck situation around our brand new pool. Deck needs to be replaced and I am trying to decide what to be used. We live in Texas and it gets extremely hot here in the summer. And the deck is large.

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  • wednesday morning

    If you can afford cedar, use it. It takes more work to maintain than composite. I am not certain as to it's environmental footprint as opposed to composite.

    If you currently have wood on your deck, your joist will have to be reconfigured to be closer together. Composite is surprisingly flexible!

    The low maintenance of composite seemed a good consideration for us as we are getting on and are looking to reduce the maintenance.

    We had Trex put in just a couple of months ago. I like the material so far, but we had, and still do have, some ongoing problems with the installation and the contractor who turned out to be untrustworthy and has left us with,basically, an unfinished job.

    One thing that I do not like about the composite is the quality of the matching finishing trim of the railings. While the deck boards are fine, much of the trim material is a thin and cheap feeling plastic.

    Have you priced cedar? It is quite expensive. I just could not face the maintenance issue of it, at my age. If you have the funds to buy it and the energy, time and money to maintain it, it makes a quality deck.

  • sofaspud
    We've had a Weatherbest composite deck for 12 years. It is not a pool deck The good is it doesn't rot and just needs an annual power washing. And no splinters. The bad news is the color has faded and it gets hot in the sun. If I were doing a deck around a pool, I wouldn't go with wood decking. If you go composite, make sure you do research to pick the right product. Need to have something that isn't slippery when wet.
  • smileythecat

    I installed a azek deck with timbertech railing 6 summers ago, I live in western WA, probably very different than TX. Its a north facing deck that does not get to much sun, the part that does tends to get hot in direct sun and has faded recently. I have been very satisfied about the maintenance part however, just hose it off. Come to think about it Sofaspud is 100% right on. composite decks have some drawbacks hot,slippery when wet, prone to fading. I am very satisfied with the timbertech railing, it shows no sign of weathering yet, and is a superior product compared to traditional wood railing. Decks are problematic, I have had a bunch of them, this while having issues, is the best so far.

  • smileythecat

    Reread your post, the heat thing is real, probably should consider a different product now that I think about it.

  • Janelle

    Composite decking is a very heavy product compared to wood. We have been trialing some composite material as a fence at a house in Hawaii. So far the only problem we have encountered is that where the fence sits on the ground, when it rains, the fence is left with a white watermark residue at the bottom. (Possibly some sort of mineral leaching out of the soil.) Using concrete might be a more long term, cost effective and lower maintenance alternative near your pool than a deck.

  • wednesday morning

    I agree that the composite does get hot.

    And, even between the deck joists I can feel the boards give and flex. That is why you have to have the joists no more than 12" apart.

  • PRO


    Thanks for considering AZEK decks! You can learn more about our decks here: https://azek.com/products/decking

    We stand by our decks with 30-year & lifetime warranties, and feel that our moisture resistant capping will keep your deck looking beautiful for as long as you own your home! As far as the Texas heat, check out this heat test a builder did, where our TimberTech Whitewash Cedar competed head-to-head with wood!



    Hope that helps!


  • PRO
    Mansfield Fence and Deck Company

    Our Deck company love to use composite over wood. Composite is more expensive than wood but will last a lifetime. We want our customers to go the composite direction but it's not possible sometimes. It really on your preference and how much you want to maintain your deck.

  • Jo
    I am looking at building a deck using Azek. Do you have any pictures of decks made from coastline with dark hickory picture framing, and white picket railing on a house that is all white. My house is white stucco. Also, do you ever use faux wood for the skirt of the deck? Thank you.
  • Jo
    Sorry I meant faux stone for the skirt of the deck. And sorry to take this thread in another direction.

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