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Is my area rug too big for this space?

July 10, 2013
I think it's a little long on the right side and am debating on returning it and getting a smaller size. Thoughts? Also if someone would like to suggest an accent wall color that goes along with the color already on the walls that would be great!

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  • judianna20
    I love the white rug. Amazing difference.
  • PRO
    PH Interiors, LLC
    Me too - I vote for the white rug.
  • Mark
    Some more love for the white rug, and the slipcover looks really nice !
  • luducklu
    I liked the piece of furniture that was larger on the wall at the. Beginning. Too many table of same size.... Looking great.. You have been busy.. Mark, you've had great suggestions, clear and easy to follow.
  • Mike
    Lu, many years ago I read that an area rug should reach to within 12" of the walls. Source unknown.
  • PRO
    Maison Pompeii Antiques and Interiors
    The size of the new rugs works very well indeed. I think they both work well so the one you chose will depend on how it looks from the adjacent rooms since it is an open concept space. I would like to see a larger case pieceon the art wall as the present small one does not appear to be in relation to anything to me eye. Very nice!
  • decoenthusiaste
    I'd be tempted to use both rugs - white in warm weather and dark in cool - if you experience warm and cool seasons. Either way, I'd want the coffee table to be placed 18" from the sofa so as to be useful for placing items those sitting on it would be using. I think your end tables are too low for your sofa's arms, as they should be even with them or just a bare inch below. The square piece on the stairwell wall is a more appropriate height for the sofa. Try it on the right end and move the floor lamp alone to the stairwell end of the sofa. See if one of the end tables works better with the chairs. I'd like to see a credenza on the stairwell wall with a nice gallery of art above it.
    This might be the way to inject color.
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  • Cristina Hopper
    First off the new rug sizes are appropriate for your room. Given the current furniture you have, I like the navy rug better than the white one. For me, the white rug makes your tan sofa not fit in anymore and a little frumpy, which is a pity because it looks fine otherwise.

    I re-read your first posts and it seems you felt the room was missing something and perhaps too traditional because of the floral fabric on your wingback, so you added a graphic rug in the hope to pull it all together. However, I think the problems in the room are the lack of cohesion and balance. So while the rug(s) is nice, I think you noticed that it did little to solve those initial problems.

    Back to the sofa, assuming you are keeping the tan slipcover I would remove the new white slipcover off your wingback. The background color on the floral worked better than the stark white. Next, I would add two pairs of pillows on the sofa, one in solid navy and one with a medium pattern in navy, tan and green. Below are some suggestions.

    I would also add two rectangular pillows 12x21 for the chairs (one for each), in a 3rd pattern/ texture e.g. (Mongolian lamb fur in tan to tie in your sofa)

    Then I would remove the leather ottoman from the room (for now). Get a Chinese garden stool in white or black to use as a side table for the floral wingback. I'd move the standing lamp next to the leather wingback and add pair of lamps for the sofa side tables. Move the three small greenery pots from the half wall and place them on your coffee tables, add a few quality picture books and a bowl or an art object (preferably in green or white). Remove anything you have on its lower shelf. Bring back the original console table you had under the stairs and place the navy wingback close enough to the console in order to be able to put a drink down without having to get out of the seat. Place your other wingback at a pleasing distance and angle from other chair and sofa. Lastly I would quickly reframe your pictures in all black frames. That will give you that streamlined, but cohesive, look you want.
  • decoenthusiaste
    Where did you find your slipcover for the wing chair? Am looking for similar one for a pair I have>
  • ron1118
    I agree with Christina. Can we see a pic of the room with the navy rug and the chair without the slipcover?
  • PRO
    Dover Rug & Home
    The smaller rugs are definitely the way to go! When choosing a rug size you either want a foot of hardwood on every side of the rug, or you want the front legs of your furniture on the area rug, like you have with the smaller rugs. The smaller rug definitely makes your room look larger as well. The white and black rug is very in right now and goes very well with bright colors. Maybe add some color with your throw pillows! Good luck! The room is looking great!
  • Mark
    I agree with decoenthusiaste about trying a larger console on the stairwell wall with a nice grouping of pictures above it, but as far as the slipcover, leave it, it looks beautiful and the room is really coming together so don't touch a thing.
  • nancyann0277a
    The small blue rug looks good. Get rid of the white slip cover. Slip covers always look messy.
  • siangray
    melster, from where are you ordering these rugs? I love them, and would like to check out the site.
  • scootoo1
    melster, look at your pic from above. Your furniture placement makes the room look long and narrow. I don't think the rug is the problem. Try centering the rug a little more and place the sofa centered across from the first 2 windows, not centered on the whole window. Place a chair on each side facing the sofa slightly turned inward. Your room looks smaller because everything is pushed to the far side of the room. Get some bright copper or deep orange covers for your pillows. Also place the dark chair and ottoman on the side of room with the built in and move the tall lamp in the corner where the plant is, it will draw the eye up to the tall ceilings. Place the console under the window and place your side tables together where the console is. Hope you like it.
  • Anum Ismail
    vote for the white rug!!! gorgeous!!
  • maxwell6
    Melstir, where did you order your rugs from and get them so quickly? I need to get some area rugs, too, and would really appreciate your info. Your room looks really nice - I like both of your choices. Thanks.
  • abbyjean
    You really did get your new things in a hurry! What fun! I do like the slip cover and the new rug, and, of course, I have to throw in my two cents........I really really liked the larger console on the stairway wall as this one looks like an end table and is being swallowed up. AND wondering what darker pillows on the couch would look like........or even the ones on the chairs put there?
  • melstir211980
    You guys are killing me! Did I ever mention I'm 8 months pregnant and can not sleep because of this room? I woke my husband up last night to help me move furniture. And when he's not here I'm just dragging it everywhere ;)

    So to answer a few questions:
    1. Rugs are from overstock.com
    2. Slip cover is from eBay

    I agree the console table looked better than that side table I now have there but the console table is now in my entry way and looks awesome there too.

    As far as more furniture moving, I just wish you guys could come over and do it :) I'm not entirely sure where Christine wants everything.

    You are right about thing not being completely centered and more over to one side, that's because this room is also my entry way and I need people to walk thru.

    And as for now I left the blue rug, I like how it goes with the tan couch better ( someone else said that too) but I kept the white rug and placed it in my family room. I'll post a pic but you'll have to excuse my ghetto entertainment center my husband hasn't finished it yet. And I planned on painting the coffee table legs and adding yellow accents, getting rid of the mirror, painting baseboards and crown molding white, etc. sooo don't rip that room apart yet, that's for another post ;)

    I'll post a pic without the slip cover later today.
  • abbyjean
    So you are nesting!!!!!! I love it! AND now you have to stop moving things.....we do not want you going in to labor right here!
  • abbyjean
    NICE to keep both rugs! AND I do agree about the couch and the rug working together. Go put your feet up and think of baby names.
  • melstir211980
    On another note, can you guys recommend an accent color for the stairwall?

    Keep in mind my entire house is painted the color it is now and I don't have the money nor a tall enough ladder to paint my entire house. And when painting do I do the entire stair wall? See attached pic.
  • abbyjean
    How about the color of your couch? And I would paint JUST that wall that is in that area of the room and see how it looks. Can the wing back chair scoot over to sit by the end table so it looks like it goes with the chair? Or does the coffee table get in the way for that?
  • melstir211980
    Christina's furniture arrangement without the table lamps and rectangular or patterned pillow.
  • 2wiseguys4u
    This room now looks like you have taken furniture that was given to you by different people and thrown it together with a new rug . You had the room coming together very nicely but this is a big step backward.
  • melstir211980
    I agree, but a few people asked to see the chair without the slip cover and the blue rug, plus they wanted me to rearrange some furniture. So this picture was for Christina.
  • abbyjean
    I LOVE the lamp you put by the dark chair.....really cozies up that area. Should you be resting, my dear????
  • melstir211980
    Ha! I wish Abby, I have a 3 yr old and 2 yr old that will not let me rest so I might as well make them rearrange furniture ;)

    Ok, so I need a few extra pillows and need to find a nice piece of artwork for the credenza but other than that I think this is the finished product?
  • Cristina Hopper
    I agree it looks a little messy, but it is the original furniture and rug. The problem I had with the white slipcover was that it made the sofa look out of place all of a sudden. I made the assumption melstir did not want to invest in all new furniture, in which case you can just really play with the accents.
    I tried to quickly illustrate what I had in mind by adding lamps, pillows and re-accessorizing. I don't know if you like these choices, but they have the clean lines which you might like. I tried to integrate the tan with the navy and some pattern to let the floral chair also fit in. I hope the picture comes out good enough.
  • abbyjean
    Seriously.......you would put the credenza back there for us? I soooo love it there. DO NOT wanna upset a lil mommy, but I really like the dark chair tucked in the corner more with the floor lamp next to it and NO table between the two chairs so I can just walk right in to the room instead of having to go all the way around. No room for the ottoman for the chair? I am soooo fussy, but just saying what I liked about your room. Oh....and I miss that plant, too!
  • melstir211980
    Ooh, Cristina, I like that. Where did you get those pillows?

    Abby, pic attached ;)
  • abbyjean
    PERRRRRFECT! This just looks like HOME now! Did you sneak in a little nap with the kids???? HOPE SO!
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    Love what you did with lighter rug and slip cover. I would still put chairs side by side don't angle.
  • PRO
    EDATA Marketing and Engineering Services
    Hi, yes definitely your rug is too large of it, the design of the wooden flooring does not exist anymore.While others say that you must choose a small one.I'm agreed with that, but the floor colors compensate already on your lampshade color and also for the sofa, I think you must change also the color of the rug that compensate on the wooden floor.
  • Cristina Hopper
    it's a mix of high end and low end. If you hover over the URL you can click on them.

    - pillows:

    then the lamps http://www.dwellstudio.com/modern-decor-and-accessories/lamps-and-lighting/remsen-lamp.html

    to me pattern is your friend here, e.g. you have this crisscross in your coffee table and side tables legs. Well you rug picks up on a similar pattern, then you can bring it up again in reverse is the Chinese garden stool (as a carve out), and in that globe sculpture. Then we use the carve out again, but in a curvier form in the lamp base (metal to match your other standing lamp), and again in the middle pillows to tie in the floral on the chair.
    I only used tan and navy, and brought in a little gold. Gold/ caramel and navy is fabulous together.
  • melstir211980
    Still trying to make this room flow. I still need to get tall table lamps for the side tables and one solid piece of artwork to replace the grouped pictures I have now.

    But now I'm debating if I could swap the blue rug for the ivory one? What do you guys think?
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    It looks fine.relax.
  • Amy Thompson
    Loved the ivory rug- so much better!!!!
  • abbyjean
    I love the look you have right now and think the spot you have the other rug is best, too. Maybe find art to tie it in and you will like it more. Your couch pillows are perfect with this rug, too, as is the pillow on the chair. LOVE your new little garden stool, too! NICE! Go look for that art and call it good!
  • Mark
    I think you should sit and relax since you are almost due to have another baby. The room will never be to everyone's taste so at some point you have to say to yourself this is how "I" like it. You can keep changing things around and people will still say it's not quite right so make it comfortable for yourself and your family because that is what really matters. Take care of yourself.
  • abbyjean
    Well said, Mark!!!
  • melstir211980
    Thanks Mark and I think you are right! I wish I could go buy everything from the previous picture you posted and make that my living room. Unfortunately Christine was right and I need to stick with the furniture I have, for now. And I absolutely loved the ivory rug, but I had too many colors similar to each other, cream, ivory, tan and white, for it to flow properly. And it definitely didn't work with the patterned chair. I will see if it works now. I'll add an art piece and table lamps and I think I'll be done! Thanks for all the input everyone. My husband and I bought a traditional home but our style is modern, it's hard to combine the too properly. Now if I can only convince him to paint the stair railing black and white before the babies born ;)
  • Cristina Hopper
    Melstir - I'm really glad you liked the suggestions. I also second the thought that at some point you will never get everyone to agree on absolutely everything. Plus with accessories, you can refine and change the look periodically.

    Let's say you fall in love with a turquoise vase, then see if you can find a few other things in that hue for that room - candles, lacquer trays, book covers in turquoise, picture frames, etc.
  • anthip
    I think this looks lovely now and you've been such a good sport. I really like those cushions!
  • melstir211980
    This room has now transformed completely and I think it looks a million times better!
  • Mark
    Very nice ! I like you slipper chairs. How's the baby ?
  • jhamil7707
    The room looks great! I love the new furniture and the choices you made.
  • kati1221
    love it!
  • abbyjean
    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to share this with us. I miss this room! And yes, how is that lil one???
  • PRO
    Center Stage Design
    love the new look!!!

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