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HELP! Need to finish living room

Juan Bertiche
October 31, 2018

Hi. We are stuck with the living room project and would love ideas. Room is 16x24ft
We got the basics already but not sure if the coffee table fits or needs a different finish.
We can leave styling for later but would love ideas for the sides/walls. The walls on the sides of the fireplace are 8ft wide each. Thanks!!!

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  • Suki Kabuki

    I think the two white chairs and the two baskets are crowding your living room and impeding traffic. Wondering also if the coffee tables would be more inviting if turned so the long direction is the same as the couches, and omit the short-legged table. Large piece of artwork above the fireplace, book shelves on the walls next to the fireplace?

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  • tartanmeup

    Great space! Not crazy about your coffee table and I agree it's the finish. I'd consider a lucite or glass table. Or perhaps a round marble top one. Photos for illustrative purposes only - didn't check sizes. :)

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    Do you need storage in this room? Would you have space for bookcases next to the fireplace? If not, perhaps some console tables would work. Art would look great on that wall, especially above the fireplace.

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  • PRO
    Coates Design Architects Seattle

    Coffee tables would look better if they were refinished in an Ebony sheen. The shapes are good.

    I would paint out fireplace wall in dark gray and hang an oversized gilded mirror over mantle.

    New patterned sofa pillows would be good as well.

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  • grapefruit1_ar

    I would add colorful art above the fireplace and on the adjoining walls . Add end tables and lamps.

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  • always1stepbehind

    Curious...what is the wall color?

  • Juan Bertiche

    tartanmeup ... no need for storage in this room so console tables could work!

  • Juan Bertiche

    always1stepbehind ... we dont have the name or exact formula as it was prepared by the painter with white, siena and brown

  • Manon Floreat

    If you regularly entertain larger groups, benches topped with art could be a good option for you

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    As mentioned, a couple of matching consoles topped with lamps and objets d'art could also work well.

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    Since you have so much symmetry, it might be fun to break it up a bit on either sided of the fireplace. Perhaps a combination of the above: Console and mirror on one side, bench with art on the other.

    Whatever you decide to do, I definitely think you have to address your lighting. One lamp and an overhead fixture (?), really isn't sufficient for layered lighting and ambience.

  • boxerpal

    I like your living room. I would try a different coffee table that is not so big and more fitting with the style of your very cool chairs and sofa. Glass and metal come to mind. Change the rug and hang some art on the fireplace. Maybe some fun sculptures or Maybe update the drapes or add some color with wall paint....

    Some ideas.

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  • Juan Bertiche
    Manon Floreat ... i like the idea of breaking the simetry. Lighting is definitively a pending
  • Juan Bertiche

    thanks for all the input. we are thinking about

    1. round mirror on the fireplace -foto
    2. large abstract painting (55x40") on the wall to the right of fireplace -foto but will go with orange instead of yellow-
    3. console table -foto- + one or two paintings on the wall between fireplace and curtains

    regarding the console and the coffe table, still need to sort out the wood finish...

    would all this work?

  • PRO
    Poonam Choudhary Artist

    Large original artworks are an excellent addition that gives character to any space. Good luck and enjoy decor !

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  • Flo Mac

    Lot of stuff in the couch area. Feels very crowded. Stack the coffee tables and then position them running parallel to/in the middle of the two couches. Remove white chairs and rattan stools. Add a long credenza on wall behind white chairs and a tall/large piece of art or mirror above credenza. Get end tables and lamps for both couches.

  • ilovecomputers


  • boxerpal

    Yes I love the round mirror and the piece of art you have chosen. The console table is perfect. All your choices are excellent!

  • PRO
    Soltech Solutions

    Beautiful space! Maybe a green, vibrant and a taller plant against a wall would be a nice touch. Something like a Bird-of-paradise!

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