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First frost, first snow tonight in NYC.

Esther-B, Zone 7b
November 14, 2018

They say we'll get a wintery mix tomorrow. Good day to stay home, make bread, and cook. And, NYC gets a reprieve from its alternate-side parking, wherein you are not allowed to park on certain sides of the street on certain days during certain hours, ostensibly to allow street cleaning---but of course, the most cleaning is of your wallet if you forget to move your car.

Comments (4)
  • zkathy z7a NC

    Fresh baked bread! Can I come over? How’s the sale going?

  • Esther-B, Zone 7b

    I'd give y'all some of my homemade challah, but it's best eaten as soon as it cools. The Baltimore real estate agent is trying to play games. My real estate agent is trying to get her to back off. I have killed myself caulking, painting the stair risers, sanding, polyurethaning, decluttering, etc. to ready my place in NYC to sell. Gotta sell before can buy. I've been doing so much in the way of cosmetic touchups that I had to go to the eye dr. for inflammation in and around my eyes...must have touched my face while having some nasty stuff on my fingers. Eyes are responding well to steroids, thank heavens.

    I'm wondering if I should get some dowel rods and stick them into the ground where the hostas are dying back, so I can readily find them to dig them up and pot them, if the happy situation of sell-buy does come about. No one has yet answered my question of whether I should pot my hostas & heuchies up in those fabric Gro-pots (not spinout bags) with lightweight soil before the ground gets hard and frozen. I don't want to subject my plants to transplant unless I'm definitely going to move. What do you think?

  • zkathy z7a NC

    Go for the dowels. Make sure you have a sharp shovel in the unlikely event the ground is frozen. I‘m in zone 7a and it’s rare for the ground to freeze. Does your soil freeze?

  • Esther-B, Zone 7b

    I got some 15" extra-thick bamboo skewers. I will insert those into the middle of all my ground-planted hostas and heuchies. The "landscape workers" always manage to trample, dislodge, step on and bend, etc. my aluminum I.D. tags on their tent stakes. Sometimes they move the I.D. tags so far from the plant they're identifying that I have a problem matching plant and I.D. back up again. So, the skewers.

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