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Ever replaced this bathroom sink?

December 6, 2018

While it’s not a “must do” for me, the spousal unit really hates these sinks with theor small, built in spouts. We do not want to redo tile in this bathroom, so we’d need something with a similar profile, I think. Anyone done this before?

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  • PRO
    J Design Group - Interior Designers Miami - Modern

    This unit is quite dated - so your options are quite limited. You may have to resort to remodeling.

    J Design Group - Miami Interior Designer
    225 Malaga Ave
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
    Ph: 305-444-4611

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  • mimimomy

    Could you put in a sink vanity combo to cover the area where you will have the tile issue? Seems like with one of the taller vanities, perhaps a couple inches wider, and with a taller integrated backsplash (4") you could eliminate tiling issues.

    How wide is this sink? How tall does it sit off the floor at the highest point? How deep is it front to back? How much tiling is missing behind it? Almost looks like the wall might have been fully tiled before the sink was put against it, but can't tell from this distance :)

    I'm certain there's a way!

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  • apple_pie_order

    Take some photos under the sink to show how the plumbing and tile are back there. Then take some measurements to compare to what's available today.

    I've seen these sinks replaced with vanities.

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  • mrstad
    I love that sink. No advice. Carry on and I hope you find a solution!
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  • Alison

    thank you both - I am torn between: this is likely impossible, and there MIGHT be a way. :) This is just an example sink at the office where I work, so I need to go and take a closer look at the tile behind situation at the house over the weekend and get your measurements. It does appear (both in this example and at my house) that wall was tiled first and then the sink bolted on. I'll take a closer look and be able to answer your measurement questions.

  • felizlady
    Encourage “spousal unit” to purchase a tile saw gizmo which will allow SU to remove specific tiles neatly. Because this installation is so old (@90-100 years), it was installed to last, and success isn’t guaranteed. There is probably cement and wire involved.
    Nah, I take it all back....just plan to open the whole wall, update the plumbing and add a new vanity.
    If this sink wall is part of a whole blue tile bathroom, start saving and have it done by a professional.
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  • ninigret

    we have the same sink, it came off the wall cleanly, (and went back on) no damaged tile, during a repair. you might get similarly lucky...? we really didnt have space for any other kind of sink, so we saved ourself the cost of a whole new bathroom.

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  • apple_pie_order

    Please post again when you have photos of your own sink, not the office sink.

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  • Alison

    @ninigret - very useful info - thank you. I was hoping that might be possible.

    @apple_pie_order - sure - will do. We are not at the house, since the kitchen is in pieces. It will be a few days before I get out there again.

  • abbycat9990

    In our previous house (a 1950s ranch), we installed Toto wall mount sinks and retro looking faucet sets in both bathrooms. Previous owners had removed the original console sinks and installed horrible floorspace-devouring 24" vanities. The wall mount sinks opened up floor space and allowed space for our then-toddler to use a stool to reach the sink. The tile was intact on the wall behind the sinks, but there were a few bolt holes. It was a small aesthetic price to pay, given the classic look and sturdy construction.

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  • ninigret

    our sink is attached to the wall with 2 cleats, which are bolted to the wall. the cleats are pretty low down tho, so removal of them would leave bolt holes also pretty low down. you might get very very lucky, hope so!

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  • Alison

    Fantastic, @abbycat9990 - that was the answer I was hoping for. I have the grey and burgundy bathroom to match your first picture. Thanks!

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