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Suggestions for kitchen radio/speaker?

December 6, 2018

My kitchen remodel is coming to an end and I had to retire my large, clunky undercabinet Sony radio/ CD player/phone speaker. I'm having a hard time finding something to replace it, so for now I have a small CD player sitting in my dining room to play music into the kitchen. I miss the ability to also be able to play music from my phone through it. I'm trying to avoid getting a smart speaker as it's not a technology I want in my home. Any suggestions? What do you use? I'd ideally like something that also plays local radio as I do listen to that in the morning to get weather, traffic and local news updates.

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  • abbycat9990

    We faced exactly the same issue earlier this year after our kitchen remodel. We looked at smart speakers, but I was hesitant. Then we found the Tivoli radio w/bluetooth. It's awesome. I usually listen to local radio in the morning, but I can also connect my phone and stream radio, play podcasts, music, Pandora, etc. We purchased on Amazon because they had the color combo we wanted, but you can also buy from the NPR Shop and other sellers. I highly recommend!

    There it is at the end of the peninsula.

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  • Mona

    Wow abbycat perfect! Can you also make phone calls through it and use it as a speakerphone? BTW your kitchen looks great!

  • kim k
    Funny we are in the same exact dilemma. Going to look at the Tivoli now :)
  • Mona

    Kim K - I'm also considering the JBL speaker even though it doesn't have a radio. I'm wondering if I can get a radio app to listen to local stations. I like the idea of being able to use the speaker phone feature while cooking as my family calls me a lot in the evenings.


  • abbycat9990

    Mona Hmm, I haven't tried a phone call. Bet it does. This cutie pie speaker in my craft room definitely does do calls, as I was freaked out yesterday when calling DH to hear him say Hi! from the speaker LOL!

  • Mona

    abbycat - That's funny!!! how was the call quality on the anker speaker phone? I was also looking at that one. I wish they had radio tuners in them!

  • stillpitpat

    We have a Squeezebox, with Pandora, internet radio, access to our digitized music, etc, but are looking to expand. I'll look at the Tivoli now.

  • abbycat9990

    Mona It sounded fine. I had no idea that was an option, so I was so frazzled! It sounded clearer than car audio. Georgia has a hands free law now, so we have to use bluetooth to take/send calls while driving.

    Also, I really love the Anker. It's got great sound quality overall; it's compact; and cute colors. I hate that we have ended up with different bluetooth speakers in several rooms (DD has an Echo Dot), but we opted not to do a whole house audio. And the freestanding speakers can travel and be used outside...

  • Mona

    Thanks abbycat!

    Here's another one I'm considering. Only because it has a speakerphone built in, plus the FM tuner and Bluetooth. There are so many options, I'm overwhelmed. It doesn't look like that Tivoli has a speakerphone, but it's so pretty, I wish it did.


  • Lawrence Sprowls

    The Ikea Eneby 12" bluetooth speaker (Ikea makes speakers?) is getting rave reviews for the quality of its sound and low price ($89). There's a wall bracket available for it ($4). If I had the space for it, this is the product I'd get. If you want to hear how it sounds, bring your cellphone to an Ikea store. (There's an 8" version too.). No built-in radio, but most radio stations now broadcast over the Internet or you can install an FM radio app.

  • kim k

    We have a Bose bluetooth speaker but I really miss listening to the local radio stations in the morning! I saw a model that goes above your fridge, I like the idea of having it off the counter.

  • PRO
    Capitol Granite

    I honestly always go to Amazon and just review the top review products on Google haha! Hope you find what you are searching for!

  • H202

    Sonos still makes a non-smart Play 1 speaker for $149 (the $200 "One" has alexa, while the cheaper version does not). The sonos interface is pretty fantastic, and then you'd have the option of adding additional speakers down the road for a whole house sound system if you so desired (i placed low priority on this, but now that we have sonos in all the rooms on our main floor, it's really nice having continuity as you go from kitchen to living room, etc). Sonos has a radio feature, and apparently you can add your own local stations so long as they have internet streaming in the right format:


  • rantontoo

    Love my Sonos speaker.....can play my music library through it and other music/entertainment sites.

  • mishmosh

    I have the Sonos 5 mounted on the wall near the ceiling in my kitchen. Amazing device. Great sound quality. Works with my collection of mp3 music on a home server, most music apps, Alexa. I can control it with my phone, ipad, or Alexa.

  • angelazuill

    My husband lives and dies for Sonos. I was certain it was a waste of money but oddly find myself utilizing it every day.

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