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Does a drag-and-drop idea board design app exist?

4 days ago

I'm trying to figure out if the app I want exists. I would like an app that would organize each room with an idea board/bulletin board where I could drag in all of the components. Drag in a photo of the tile. Drag in the couch I want. Drag in a paint color. In the end I would have something for each room that would look like a bulletin board with all of the components there. Even better if I could add text.

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  • queenvictorian

    I'm not aware of a program specifically for this purpose, but you could certainly achieve this with Photoshop or similar image editing program.

    However, I would actually recommend going analog here and making physical concept boards. Get some big pieces of foam core, get actual samples for paint colors and materials you want to use and mount them to the board, and print and cut out pics of furniture and fixtures you like. Use thumbtacks so it's easy to move stuff around. You could draw your layout on a giant foam core board and make areas with your room ideas, or make a smaller one for each room and place them next to each other.

    Why do it this way?

    - There's something pleasing and substantial about expressing your ideas in physical media

    - No learning curve overhead as you'd have mucking around with a piece of software (Photoshop is extremely powerful, but takes learning and practice to be proficient in it).

    - You use REAL samples and can see how they ACTUALLY interact with each other and with the lighting in your house. A big drawback to looking at sensitive things like subtly different shades of white on a screen is that your monitor is not properly calibrated, so how you see it on the screen is not how it really is (unless you get your monitor professionally calibrated - this is a thing only designers really have to worry about). Besides, a monitor can't easily show the nuances of a color like you can see in a physical swatch. You can hold the swatch in the sun, under different light bulbs, etc.

    - It's fun

    - It's what professional interior designers do for client presentations (I interned at an interior design firm and assembled lots of concept boards).

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  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    SketchUp has a big warehouse of previously built items, including from many manufacturers. Its free. But it’s not an ap. And it has the standard learning curve that any software with real imaging abilities will have. It is worth learning.

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  • tenamarie123

    Do you want to make a mood board? Like this? I used Style Sourcebook to do this one. I've also used Powerpoint.

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