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Wainscoting and paint help!

4 days ago
last modified: 4 days ago

We are painting our dining room (BM Edgecomb Gray) and having chair rail/wainscoting (painted white) added. The question is: where do we start/stop the chair rail/wainscoting and the split paint colors once we hit the angled walls which lead to the hallway.

Should we continue with just the chair rail down the hallway?

Put wainscoting on the angled wall?

How do we transition with the split colors from the dining room into the single hallway color (also BM Edgecomb Gray)?

Change the color of the wainscoting?

So many questions...

Comments (12)
  • sloyder

    what does the wainscoting look like?

  • leviwi

    Sloyder - It will be a picture frame on the sheetrock. Sort of like this picture but more rectangular

  • mimimomy

    Similar question. What kind of wainscoting? Looks like you already have your baseboard in...I've seen a "wainscoting/panel" look using applied molding, but if it's an actual panel or individual boards, it doesn't seem like it will work with the baseboard already installed. Also helpful to have a photo of the rooms where the wainscoting will be installed to determine the best stopping point.

  • leviwi

    mimimomy, thanks - see what I posted above. It isn't an actual panel. Just molding on the sheetrock. The wainscoting will only be installed in the dining room (unless people here disagree and think we should carry it down the hallway) - which is the room I'm standing in. I am facing towards the front of the house where everyone will enter from.

  • sloyder

    I would stop the wainscoting before the hallway.

  • mimimomy

    I agree with sloyder, stop it before the hallway. I'd stop it before the angled wall.

    How is this going to look at the baseboard level... how are you integrating that? Do you have a diagram of the moldings you are using... the picture above showing the proposed wainscoting looks good, but it's not showing what is happening at floor level.

  • cat_ky

    I like the looks of the room without the wainscoting. I also dont think it will look good at any of the stopping off places. I would go without it. Its a very nice room, and doesnt need it.

  • Rachel Lee
    Stop the wainscoting before the angled wall, and continue just the gray paint down the hallway.
  • leviwi

    cat_ky - thank you. My GC agrees with you. He thinks just a chair rail going through the dining room and down the hallway and back around is the best idea. I am torn about this since I love the look of wainscoting.

    Rachel Lee, sloyder, mimimomy - That was my thinking at first but was worried the paint transition would be a bit stark, since the angled walls are facing towards the dining room. What do you think? Is it just the best choice out there?

  • cat_ky

    I wouldnt even put the chair rail. It just cuts the room in half. You really dont need anything there.

  • mimimomy

    Well, if you are doing a wainscoting, you need some way to end the wainscoting, which is why I was asking what you are doing at the baseboard level. With "real" wainscoting, you would have an end piece of trim... but since you aren't doing "real" wainscoting, you need to put an end piece from the chair rail down to the baseboard...otherwise there is no way to transition the colors.

    My vote would be skip the chair rail and skip the wainscoting, and just do the gray throughout.

    Optionally, you need to pull the baseboard in that area and do something different. I personally would not run a chair rail all the way down the hall, but that's me!

  • leviwi

    Thank you! cat_ky and mimimomy - Would it make any difference if the ceilings were 10' in terms of having a chair rail in the room? Or that has no bearing?

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