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Companies Dragging Up Old Discussions??

Amber Keller
December 6, 2018
Does it annoy anybody else when Pros/Companies come on the discussion and start commenting on posts from 2009????
And they’re just trying to sell, sell, sell!
They use the same like 2 photos and don’t contribute or add anything to the conversation.

There’s a few Pros/Contractors out there that, while posting pictures of their work, only do so when it’s RELEVANT and RECENT. And I appreciate that more than they will ever know!

Comments (9)

  • patriceny

    I think you're supposed to flag them and mark them as spam when they do that. That's what I do anyway, and they do disappear...

  • sushipup1

    Yup, flag the spam.

  • Amber Keller
    Thanks for the tip !
  • queenvictorian

    I don't mind the company reps that actually participate in (current) discussions and offer good, useful advice without actively peddling their products/services - there are several active posters of this type. Sure, there's inherent bias (the hardwood floor company guy is probably going to suggest hardwood instead of tile or LVP), but we're all biased (I like Victorians and closed kitchens, and my advice is going to reflect that) and at least the companies wear their bias on their sleeve.

    However, the reps that come out of nowhere to spam up every topic that came up in their search regardless of date just to hawk their goods or worse, just drop a link, those guys can GTFO.

  • zmith

    Annoying as h-e-double ell.

    I think Houzz wants pros to do that, tho. Clicks are all that matters.

  • jellytoast

    I believe Emily said to flag it as spam.

  • Lucille

    I wish there was a way to disappear their spam but keep track of their names as a company to avoid. Disappearing gets rid of their spam but also removes the warning about the kind of people they are.

  • arcy_gw

    I did this a few times, flag as spam. The idea of using this form to sell just does not sit as ok with me. I am glad to hear I am correct on that.

  • jellytoast

    You have a point Lucille, but if we don't keep flagging them, the forum will become completely clogged by that nonsense.

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