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Kitchen cabinet coming apart

December 18, 2018


I was hoping someone can help me with some feedback on what to do with a kitchen cabinet that is coming apart. The back is firmly screwed to the wall, but the sides/front are pulling away. Can this be fixed or am I going to need to replace the cabinet?

Here's different views of the cabinet with issue.

Appreciate the help.

Comments (8)

  • sandk
    I have a similar problem and after digging a bit, discovered the problem was likely related to it being hung as a single cabinet. My cabinets are Kraftmaid, and in the installation instructions it states that their cabinets should not be installed like that. They need either cabinets adjacent or to be screwed to something above (ceiling, soffit, another cab) or be supported by brackets. My cabinets have particle board construction and I don’t know that I would trust a repair. Even with a new cabinet, the same thing would probably happen if that applies to yours. Hopefully someone has a good solution.
  • Lawrence Sprowls

    I wouldn't attempt to salvage the cabinet which is clearly coming unglued and could come crashing down if you put something heavy in it. You might consider replacing it with an Ikea cabinet (example) which hangs from a suspension rail attached to the wall.

  • PRO
    Hankins & Associates, Inc. - Kitchens and Baths
    Remove the cabinet from the wall. Re-make/Re-install hang rails (top and bottom). Believe it or not, some cabinet manufacturers rely of staples alone (no wood glue) to hold their cabinets together.
  • live_wire_oak

    What brand of import ish is that?

  • KS S1

    No idea. They are probably 16-18 years old, at this point

  • artistsharonva

    I would get a new cabinet.


    If want to salvage. Hankins suggestion of taking it down then wood gluing with clamps. A corner stapler costs, but it would be good to re-staple as well. Maybe you can rent or borrow. or use metal L brackets inside every 6" or so. Not as attractive as staples inside, but functional. Pre-drill before screwing. Use screws not as deep as panel or you'll go through. Looks like particle board which can easily damage & fall apart. Then rehang.

  • PRO
    Hankins & Associates, Inc. - Kitchens and Baths
    To be clear... I'd advocate new quality cabinets, carcasses made of plywood. But if the homeowner isn't ready to take the $$$ plunge... then repair is an option. As someone else mentioned, unless the walls are perfectly plumb (unlikely), the installer should've used shims. Simply screwing a cabinet to the wall, twisting and racking it, is a sure fire way to compromise its joinery. Especially if not made well in the first place.
  • KS S1

    Thank you all for this info.

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