HELP with Built-ins for Office Craft Room

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January 1, 2019


I am working with Kraftmaid to get built-ins for my small Office/Craft Room. I am having difficulty figuring out the optimal may to maximize counter space in a visually pleasing way that is functional and still allows for movement in the room/isn't TOO cramped. I do a lot of archival framing, embroidery, and digital work.

I need to prioritize:


*I have a LOT of crafting materials (beads, fabric, patterns, ribbon, frames, mat boards, etc.)

*Filing cabinet

*Drawers for mat boards and fabric

*Shelves for patterns and books


*An office desk area for my desktop, laptop, drawing tablet, printer, wifi router, etc.

*Counter space for my 46" mat/glass/acrylic cutter and to cut frame mats and glass

*Counter space for a sewing station

*Counter space for an ironing station

The room has an awkward popped in area that can't be changed. It's really been a sticking point since it ruins the symmetry of the room.

Does anyone have any mock-ups/suggestions I could piggyback off of? The designer is working on some mock ups for me but knowing from the Kitchen forum how often functional issues are discovered I figured Houzz might have some ideas/insights for me to consider.

I've attached a room layout diagram. The lined section indicates a window on the wall opposite the entry way.

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  • Storybook Home
    Some concepts I’ve toyed with. I’m just not great with scale or conceptually what is enough walking and sitting space.

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