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This chair altered or no chair

January 5, 2019
last modified: January 5, 2019

Hi all! I bought this vintage Drexel Heritage chair off CL this morning for $30. It’s cleanish, the velvet upholstery is in very good condition but is a tic faded in areas. My thought when buying is that as I already have some very good textile paint I would change the color to eggplant. Now I’m not sure about the chair looking right in the room but it may be the color throwing me off. Maybe the problem is where I have it placed? NOTE: there is not enough room for two chairs.

What do you think? Keep it but change color to eggplant (or other color). Or, don‘t use the chair at all.

Thank you!

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  • justerrilynn

    Thank you Nutsaboutplants! I’m sort of relieved I’m not painting it.

    Sammy, you are funny! Yes I think you should find something to paint. That magenta is pretty,

  • tartanmeup

    Pier1 has a drum table in a couple of finishes. Not exactly your sofa colour but not white either. Still, might be too shiny and fussy next to the chair. Not sure what height you'd like.

    Pier 1 - Capiz - on sale at $119.26

    Here's the mother of pearl finish. Same price.

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  • justerrilynn

    Tartan, I have that top one saved but worried it would be too shiny. The second one I haven’t seen and like a lot. You may have found ”the one” I think I’ll go and see them in person. I have a Pier1 close.

    Here’s another but may be too light.

  • tartanmeup

    Crossing my fingers for you. Hope you find "just the thing" without having to hunt too long for it. (Don't know what's more annoying: having an image in our mind's eye of what a room needs and not finding it in the stores or not having a clue and being overwhelmed by the options in the stores. :P)

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  • justerrilynn

    If the 2nd one you found is the right shade I think you are a Super Star for finding it : )

    Tartan, are you a Scot? I ask because my husband was born in Edinburgh.

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  • justerrilynn

    Grover, what do you think of the Pier1 tables above? I do kind of like the first one you posted but would like it with a cream tray on top. But, there is the crazy dog.

    As a side note, for some reason I’m having to reapply my “say thank you to (your name here) everyday. Even though I’ve had some mini brain attacks (minor) I’m not so far gone that I forgot. I didn’t. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m not grateful for all the help I’m getting.

  • groveraxle

    Justerrilynn, the Houzz website can become downright schizophrenic at times. I have an image of a bunch of twenty-somethings in flip flops and tee shirts rewriting code as they say, "Ooh, let try this and see what it does!" A new glitch shows up pretty much every day. Best to just treat it as an adventure.

    As for your table, a while back you said you'll know it when you see it. I believe you will. So far you have a well-curated eclectic space and the right table just hasn't appeared yet, either in person or in your vision. Be patient. It will show up.

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  • tartanmeup

    Oh, I like that second one you just posted, groveraxle!

    No, I'm not Scot, justerrilynn. Am fond of many Scots though! :) (The name comes from a joke with a friend.)

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  • justerrilynn

    I like the 2nd one as well. Will that work in my mix?

    I think I have enough brass so trying to stay away from that.

    Strangely, although I do not care for the color of table below I do like the scale of it . It’s more of a footstool height.

  • Ellen Tracy
    Gosh I love that chair. Don’t hide the arms with a table!
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  • Sandra Martin

    Really like that peacock table! It adds to the style..in a fun way.

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  • justerrilynn

    Yes, I’ve always liked that table Sandra. But, I have this crazy rescue dog. I tried to take his picture and at first glance didn’t think it turned out. However, this is a perfect shot of what he’s about.

  • aprilneverends

    I love side tables. Crazy about side tables

    but in this case yes either very whimsical and/or visually light/small as not to obscure the shape (but the dog probably will behave like my Roomba only with bigger chance to knock it off)-or none at all if function permits

    PS I have same problem with having to repeat all my "Thank you"..happens with longer posts..drives me crazy. at some point, I just can't anymore. I so hope others understand. But it's really a glitch that has nothing to do with us

    I also see some posts after..they appear later than they were posted. Another thing that drives me crazy.

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  • tartanmeup

    Oh, Sasquatch! :D Sturdy table, it is. ;-)

    This might work but it's out of stock and a bit pricey.

    All Modern - Aldridge - $489.99

    Another out of stock option but more reasonably-priced.

    All Modern - Kole - $154.99

    I like this one but it's copper-hued, not exactly your sofa colour. But I could see it next to your chair.

    I, too, worry about hiding your chair arms but I understand the need for wine. :D

    One more... probably too dark but the texture is interesting.

    Hayneedle - Shell inlay - on sale $104.35

    As Penny said, this table is probably something that lends itself very well to a DIY. Once you figure out your size and shape, you can buy an inexpensive (metal?) table and cover it in a material that will give you the look you want. Plaster, papier maché, marble contact paper, wallpaper, paint, rope, leather, wood strips or veneer, fabric...etc.

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  • pennydesign

    We always said titch...It's (and I'm) British. We also say tic, but that means a tiny bit (of time)...

    Anyhow, that doesn't matter so much as your table...I really like the second Pier One table pictured above...Perfect color, perfect "gleam", perfect (hopefully) size

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  • Peppapoodle

    I just love threads like this!! It all looks so great & amazing what painting the tv wall did to the chair. Your room has an edgy, eclectic, artsy vibe that I could never ever pull off or create & so admire:)

    Ok, so I'm literally LOL at the pic of the Sasquatch!!!!! And the one with painters tape-but he has those innocent poodle eyes. Is he behaving any better for you?

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  • justerrilynn

    Peppa, Sasquatch behaves for a few days here and there just to mess with me. I start to think he is turning a corner and coming around. Then, he wakes up one morning and decides being good is just no fun at all. The strange thing is ...his feet and toe pads seem to be made of dense sponge. He can soak up some mud and dispense full prints around an entire pool/patio and have enough juice left for the hall, living room, kitchen, sofas and dining room. It’s amazing really.

    The darn table! I have gone to a few shops and have had no luck at all with finding one. I even went to Z Gallery, it’s very sparkly in there. Pier1 didn’t have any of the tables I wanted to see. The manager said they had them about a week and a half ago. Hmmm, did ya happen to order more by chance??? The used furniture stores near only have mostly traditional heavy things or very large scale items. Will have to head south.

    April, yes to something small and whimsy I think. I have seen a few I liked, Neiman Marcus has some very nice side tables. Some are too grand for my room though. It’s tricky because I don’t want cheap looking but anything too grand will not blend either.

    There is always that one thing.

  • pennydesign

    LOL-ed at your description of Z Gallery...that was exactly my thought on my one and only foray into that place :)

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  • nutsaboutplants

    Safavieh (Safavieh.com) has some that you may want to look at. Here are a few, to give you an idea. Not sure of the price, as the site doesn’t list them, but go to their accent table section.

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  • jb1586

    How about trying Homegoods? They often have side tables like the ones shown above, but do sell out quickly. Apologies if the store was already mentioned upthread.

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  • Bunny

    I always see you post tic when you mean titch. A tic is an involuntary repetitive movement.

    Yes! "Tick" would also be fine since it can mean a small amount.

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  • d_gw

    What about something like this? It's modern and has great texture and ties in nicely with your cabinet. It's also really cheap and looks sturdy enough to stand up to your rambunctious dog.

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  • Arapaho-Rd

    I'm so late to join in but love the chair & room - what a great find! The chair is beautiful on its own as is!

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  • justerrilynn

    Thank you all so much for your help. I am now in a confused state. At first I had a vague shadowy image flouting about in my head on what I wanted. Now, I have looked at so many tables that all I’m getting is bad Dynasty reruns. I’ve been looking at this table though. It is half an inch shorter than this garden stool I slipped in for scale ideas and 2 1/2” wider. So, somewhat the same size but a ((((((TICK )))))) wider lol. I think it somewhat safe as I already have so much of a mix.

    What do you think? The color is cream. Maybe too light? Does it matter? Maybe too smooth with the leather. Grrr, I think I’m already talking myself out of it.

    Another thought is the cream table with a round wooden tray on top,

  • tartanmeup

    I fear it will be too light. Looks lighter than the faux-shagreen one you had found. What height are you considering?

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  • justerrilynn

    I’m thinking low, maybe 16.5” to 17.5”. The blue garden stool stand-in is 17.5” h but not not wide enough.

    I need a break. What I want isn’t out there.

  • Sandra Martin

    Justerlyn, I like the Shannon table as it doesn’t take the focus away from the chair. And on sober second thought on the more eclectic looking styles I think simple for beside that chair is better so the chair will stand out. take a look at these velvet curtains at ikea, they look the same color as the chair and they have pillows to match..( this is the Canadian price so yours will be cheaper). I’m thinking just as side panels..not sure if you’re still painting that gorgeous chair or not. Either way, I love that gold jewel color.

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  • justerrilynn

    Here’s another picture of the table. It’s the same color cream as above but a different size. It looks like a warm cream but not exactly right. The sofas look warmer at this time of day though.

  • tartanmeup

    If it's easy to return and the right size, I'd try it.

    ETA: I'll keep looking for you, btw. I checked Walmart earlier (just to see). When did they turn into Amazon? So many products available from other vendors on their site (Hayneedle, Wayfair...). I found inexpensive wicker ones that could work size-wise but not colour-wise. Unless you're up to painting them. Not sure if you'd like that texture though. Oh and this funky little number! Not what you're looking for but I thought you might appreciate the shape and the gloss. (Sasquatch and that storage space though...yikes!)

    Do not despair. You will find. :)

  • miss lindsey (still misses Sophie)

    To be honest I think it is too glaringly white. Too shiny for the earthy chair. I know you want light but my favourites have been the mid-tone wood ones. They coordinate with your console, they complement the chair, and they don't try to hog all the attention. I don't think you want your side table to be the shiniest, brightest thing in the room do you?

    Unless of course you can get the peacock. Because that thing is the prettiest thing I've seen in months.

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  • justerrilynn

    Grover posted my favorite wood one. I was concerned it would look too dark and heavy. Maybe something like this? I do like the shape.

  • salonva

    That's interesting. AllI see when I look at it- Macbeth Hemlock-- is an upside down wine glass WITH a stem.! Now I can't un-see it. I guess it's sturdy enough for Sasquatch tho.

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  • tartanmeup

    I see an upside down wine glass with a stem too, salonva!

    Justerrilynn, if you're still wondering about the Pier1 tables, couldn't they order them for you? I know they have an easy return policy. I had ordered curtains they didn't have in stock and they told me they'd take them back on the spot if I didn't like them when I picked them up. Took less than a week for them to receive them too.

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  • riverrat1

    I haven't taken the time to read through all the post. I think the Macbeth Hemlock Natural Wood side table would bring in just the right amount of wood to go with your chest that's under your TV. I would then get a brass tray to go on top of the side table to go with your coffee table and chest. You've got a really good looking room!

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  • justerrilynn

    When I was in sparkly Z Gallery I looked at this table. It’s a very good match color wise to the sofas. It has a sort of brass look pedestal base. I did not find it to be too shiny.

    They didn't have the matching side table but it supposedly looks the same in real life. It’s small, closer to a garden stool size. Here is the online photo.

    These tables are cheap! However, they do not really look cheap. I’m going to send for the little side table. I have a few options if it’s not just right. A brass or brass & wood tray could be added . It’s so cheap that if at some point I find something that really makes my heart sing I will feel no guilt at saying goodbye.

  • tartanmeup

    Yay! We have a winner. :) Looking forward to seeing it in your room and crossing my fingers you'll love it.

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  • pennydesign

    Agreed! I like both that one and the Pier One table that's similar. I feel that the plain shiny one is just TOO shiny and plain...and I think that would make it look too stark?

    Your wineglass will look great :) Looks like the bottle will fit, also..

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  • justerrilynn

    Sheesh, it took me long enough! Thank you , thank you and thank you everyone for guiding me through. I’m sure you are all glad that it is over lol.

  • pennydesign

    Nope. I love spending someone else's money :)

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  • kaye1951

    I thought of you this evening as I saw a very similar chair (the back was tufted instead of cushioned, but the same color and arms as yours) on Windy City Rehab. Alison, the rehabber, used it in staging a $1.265 million penthouse! It's always fun to get affirmation for your good taste!

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  • melinda1977

    I have two very similar chairs (tufted back, as Kaye described above) that we bought early marriage. The original soft brown fabric eventually faded in the sunlight, so I had them reupholstered in deep red. They looked great but didn't really work with my current color scheme. Refused by my son, I was about to list them on CL. But I just couldn't...I love those chairs! So I revisited the color scheme in my TV room to make them work.

    Great find, justerrilynn! And great decision to paint the TV wall. BTW, I have a couple of small round accent tables in my LR. All I keep on each of them is a coaster (for the wine, of course!)

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  • Arapaho-Rd

    The Macbeth Hemlock side table is a perfect compliment to your cabinet under the TV!

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  • justerrilynn

    Penny you are a hoot...Fun!

    Thank you Kay, that made me feel good. I will see if Windy City Rehab is on OnDemand. I love those kinds of shows.

    Melinda, you can’t beat the lines of these chairs as they are so versatile. I can see me getting this chair reupholstered down the road. Plus, mine is deceivingly cozy. I would have to spend a small fortune to buy a new chair as sound as this. The cushions aren’t even squashed lopsided after all these years. Rare for today’s furniture.

    Arapaho, the other table is already ordered. I hope it works. I do have the TV credenza wood tones all through the open plan. I’m thinking if the side table is a little off I could add something like this on top. Or, a nice wood tray that I could add nice brass handles.

  • melinda1977

    My chairs are right around 40 years old and were still very comfortable and in great shape before reupholstery. If the sunlight hadn't ruined the fabric on the backside, I would not have needed to have them reupholstered. And we used them daily! I think you will really enjoy your Velveeta chair

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  • Pagan Hedgewitch

    I think the egg plant would look stunning. I've seen fabric paint used before but never tackled it myself. Lot of coats needed to cover the paler fabric. Please post the results if you do it.

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  • Sandra Martin

    Kind of sorry to see this thread wind up with your finding the right table, it’s been a great discussion!

  • salonva

    haha Sandra, I agree and have to say I am sooo sooo envious that it all got settled so quickly and nicely! I have to give her credit for not just thinking about how would the darker wall look, (like I would do for months) but for getting the paint and DOING IT. Poster girl for nike:)

    Maybe Justerrilyn will make another purchase from craigslist or something and we'll get more chances.

  • PRO
    Natasha Martirosian at Ethan Allen

    So many gorgeous tables everyone posted. I love the chair, I love the color and the wall. What you really need is to add a few other accessories throughout the room to repeat that chartreuse color (ie. artwork, vase, accent pieces, flowers, etc)

    Also - I get the idea of not wanting to take away from this chair by adding a dynamic looking table. Maybe too many things going on..... I'm not sure what your budget for a table is, but these are some that would work :

    In Brass:


    Or clear!:::


    Good luck! Great find on the chair :)

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