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Two dishwashers?

January 9, 2019

I do A LOT of dishes with all the cooking and baking going on. Anyone have two dishwashers? If you cook and bake a lot, do you use them? Practically speaking..is it better to flank a big sink with two full size dishwashers, or put one next to the big sink on a wall and one next to a prep sink in an island? (Still working on the floor plan - I have 28'5" by 25'3" for the kitchen and dining room. Likely a U-shape with an island, open to the dining room on the other side of the island.

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  • shead

    Following. I’m planning on two dishwashers as well in upcoming remodel. I think mine will flank the main sink.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    I love having two dishwashers. I have four children and like to entertain. I am not much of a baker, but one of my sons is, so there are always dirty dishes and whatnot.

    Having the DW flanking the sink would be ideal- I have that setup in one house. In my other house I have one dw to the left of the sink and one behind the sink- not ideal, but fine.

  • morz8

    I don't have two and could occasionally use a second. My SIL does, but it's one in the kitchen, and one in the pantry which also has a sink. And second refrigerator. Entertains often.

  • johnsoro25

    I have two, each flanking the sink. Best decision I ever made in the kitchen. Did it in the last kitchen renovation too. I could not recommend it more- makes cleanup so much easier.

  • rainyseason
    I have two dishwashers, one in the main kitchen and one in a prep kitchen (like an overgrown butlers pantry). If I could do it over, I’d put both DWs in the prep kitchen, flanking the sink. While we are only a family of 3 and don’t use the second DW that often, it is wonderful to have two when you need it. We’ve had dinners for 20 and clean up was a breeze. Having one running and one loading keeps things tidy. Consider getting two different dishwashers- some seem better set up for place settings, others more flexible for tall items, etc., so you can pick a complementary combo. I’m a huge fan of the 3rd tray for cutlery, way more efficient than the baskets.
  • Hillside House

    I have two, and they flank the main cleanup sink. I really had to talk my husband into it, but he agrees that it was the best decision we made.

  • deeebert

    I also have two dishwashers, flanking the main sink. I try to alternate their use and really enjoy the luxury of always having a place for dirty dishes. I have a Bosch and an Asko .

  • Joe T.

    We cook, bake, and entertain a lot. Instead of two full-size dishwashers, we put in a pair of dish drawers. Like @rainyseason, we've had dinners for 20, and cleanup is a breeze.

  • PRO

    It requires the separation of prep and cleanup functions. A separate sink and water source in the prep area is needed to achieve best functionality. Then the cleanup zone is just a super cleanup zone.

  • wilson853

    If you have the space there is no downside. I read many old threads and the general consensus was to flank the clean up sink with both. Since our pullout trash is next to the island prep sink where most trash is generated, my dilemma was where to place a small trash can near the DWs without giving up another cabinet. We decided on double pullouts under this sink. One holds a trash can. There's still plenty of room to stand at the sink even when it is pulled out. These are Thermador Sapphires. Had a Miele previously and I find that these clean just as well. I wish the light was white instead of blue, which I at first found to be annoying, but I really don't notice it now.

  • Sammy

    wilson853: Would you mind telling me what make and model your sink is? And, if it’s not too much trouble, the overall depth of your countertop as well as the depth of the area behind the sink (I’m assuming your cabinets are 24” deep)? I’m trying in vain it seems like to find a ready-made apron-front sink to fit my needs. Thank you so much!

  • shead

    wilson853, I'm interested in that answer as well. I love everything about your setup shown (sink, window, 2 DW's trash, etc.). The trash under the sink is brilliant and I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of that for my upcoming remodel - you just saved me an 18" cabinet dedicated to trash :-)

    What size is that window, if you don't mind me asking?

  • DrB477

    Having 2 dishwashers is awesome. They flank my cleanup sink. Trash is in the island near prep sink. In an absolutely perfect world I'd have another trashcan at the cleanup sink too, but they aren't THAT far away and I don't find it a big deal to scrape off the plates a few feet away before putting the in the dishwasher or sink.

  • wilson853

    Sammy and shead, glad to help. The pullout idea under the Whitehaven came from avatarwalt's reveal so I am happy to pay it forward.

    The sink is a 36" Kohler Whitehaven (K-6489) in Sea Salt. The sink base is 39". It could have been narrower but I wanted wider stiles between the sink and DWs and wanted the pullouts to line up with the edge of the sink. I have inset cabinets, so the counter depth is 25" with about 5" behind the sink to the trim that sits on the counter. With the drain and disposal in the right corner, the trash was able to easily fit on the left.

    The window with trim is 64.5" tall x 80" wide. The trim itself is 4.5". I dug up an old picture so you can see it with the trim all the way around.

  • AboutToGetDusty

    Wilson853, great idea! Thank you! Question - do you have a garbage disposal? Wondering how there would be room for one...that's a deal-breaker for me. And I like having trash on one side of the sink.

  • wilson853

    Yes I have the Insinkerator Compact. The drain is on the right side of the sink so the disposal sits behind the pullout on the right.

  • PRO
    Jeffrey R. Grenz, General Contractor
    Yes, had 4 kids with one on each side. Some cost off set eliminating 2' of cabinets plus it adds dish storage.
  • AboutToGetDusty

    Wilson853, I had a 30" Whitehaven in my former kitchen, and there wasn't enough room. Good to hear there is room with the 36" and inset cabs. What brand of cabinets are they, and are they custom? Also, how big is that trash can? I like having a recycling pull-out, but perhaps I could put that in the island near the prep sink.

  • Sammy

    I have inset cabinets, so the counter depth is 25" with about 5" behind the sink to the trim that sits on the counter.

    Oh, man! I was crossing my fingers that you’d say you only had 3-1/2” or so behind the faucet, which is what I have. It’s been so frustrating trying to find a sink that can work in my space without major modifications of some sort to either my countertop or the sink itself. :/

    I thank you anyway!

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Wilson583, that is a gorgeous kitchen!

  • DrB477

    Sammy-- what's unique about your kitchen that a whitehaven won't work?

  • nidnay

    Where you put an extra dishwasher (and you can’t go wrong having an extra one) really depends on how you will use your prep sink. My prep sink (and my main prep area) is very close to my range. I am always putting small dishes and utensils in mine and there is a lot of goopy dirty stuff that needs to be put in the dishwasher. If there is no dishwasher nearby, you will be dribbling that goop all over your counters and floors when you want to put something in the dishwasher.

    I actually have 3 dishwashers (one full sized Bosch next to main sink, one single dishwasher drawer in our pantry/scullery, and another single drawer randomly placed in the main kitchen).

    My one HUGE regret is that I didn’t place the single dishwasher drawer near the prep sink. I regret that decision every single day. I really think that any sink that has a tendency to collect utensils or dishes of any kind (measuring cups, glasses etc) should have a dishwasher next to it (even if it’s only a small one).

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  • wilson853

    AboutToGetDusty - I love your name! Yes they are custom, but I have PTSD from dealing with them. In the end all turned out well, but it was painful in-between so don't want to give them any airtime. I have a double pullout trash next to my prep sink so only needed a smaller can here. It is 16" high. We could have made the pullouts deeper but wanted to make sure that we had enough room in the rear for the plumbing. The inside is 16" wide x 13.75" deep so could accommodate a bigger can if I needed it. Outside is 15" deep. Here's a pic of both pulled out.

  • AboutToGetDusty

    Beautiful kitchen, Nidnay! How tall is your ceiling? (Admiring those windows!)

  • AboutToGetDusty

    Thanks for all the advice! I think I am leaning toward putting an 18" dishwasher next to the prep sink (although I prefer a clean look of an island without one) and a full-size sink facing a wall of windows, with trash pull-out to the left and full-size dishwasher to the right. Wondering if I will need another small trash pull-out in the island? When we have entertain, we have a lot of family that want to help cook and clean up...so having two sinks and two dishwashers will speed up the process for sure. My husband wants a pot filler above the stove, but I would rather have a 2nd dishwasher!

  • Phyllis Fox
    I considered 2 but ended up with a 2 drawer dishwasher by Fisher Paykel- had it 3 years love it.
  • AboutToGetDusty

    Thank you, Phyllis Fox, but my sister-in-law has two dishwasher drawers and it's a nightmare. Always piled-up dishes left over. I need two full or one full and one slim full-length...too much cooking and baking and people to go with drawers!

  • shead

    I think if you're going to go with two, go with two full size ones if you have the space.

  • nidnay
    Dusty....10 foot ceilings. If I had to do it over again, I would keep the overall window height the same (72” from countertop) but NOT do 2 foot transoms. The large transoms (imo) actually makes the ceiling feel lower and makes the windows appear shorter. I like tall ceilings and tall windows so I messed up in that department by breaking up the windows by doing transoms. It’s one of those design things that unless an informed person points it out to you, you would never know until you actually experienced it in the space.
  • wilson853

    Sammy, I think that you might be able to make a Whitehaven work. There are other photos on Kohler's website where it looks like there is less space behind the sink. You should look into it further.

    Zalco, thank you!

  • AboutToGetDusty

    My ceilings are 8', so this is helpful. I'm a sucker for transoms. WIth yours, maybe a 1 foot transom with higher main windows would have made the windows appear taller. With 8', it sounds like transoms would make my windows appear "squatty."

  • wilson853

    nidnay, I think that everyone has some small regrets. Your kitchen is magazine worthy!

  • wilson853

    ATGD, some other under sink pullout ideas.

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  • ILoveRed

    Great thread. I have two dishwashers in our new build. I put one next to my clean up sink and one on the other end of my kitchen in my beverage center for all of the glassware and cups. I really only needed a single dishdrawer there but just went ahead with the full sized dishwasher. It is great for overflow pots n pans etc. Love having two dishwashers. Both Bosch.

    Sammy...my dd is doing a remodel and is using the Kohler 33” wide Whitehaven in 24” deep cabinets. The sink base is not bumped out and these are standard cabinets. She is using the Delta Trinsic faucet and she has enough room in the back. I think this would work for you...I will post a picture of her installation. This is as far as she has gotten.

    The thing I wanted to bring up is my only real big disappointment in my kitchen since Nidnay and others are fessing up. I wish I could fix it since it’s driving me crazy. I have custom cabinets and I had my top drawers in the whole kitchen made taller...since in my last house my top drawers drove me crazy because they seemed too short for most purposes (inset in both kitchen).

    imagine my surprise and disappointment upon installation when I realized that my garbage pullout did not allow for a full sized 13 gallon can but only the shorter can since the drawers above took up some of that needed space. The bags/liners won’t even stay on the cans. If my kd had warned me of this I probably would have chosen to skip the drawer above the trash pullout to have the taller 13 gallon can.

    Pic for Sammy

  • waverley66

    When I redid my kitchen in my main house, my kids were still at home and I entertained and baked a lot. Two dishwashers was absolute heaven, I had one set up next to my (largish) prep sink on the island. This was the one I used everyday and my everyday dishes, glasses and flatware were stored within a pivot's distance. The other dishwasher was on the other side of the kitchen next to my big clean up sink and was the one I used when baking and entertaining. All the baking dishes and entertaining dishes, glasses and silverware were stored nearby, I did use both dishwashers for large crowds and it was wonderful. My primary dishwasher was fisher Paykel drawers and I never had dirty dishes sitting around waiting for a load to be finished I had garbage cans and a sink next to to each dishwasher so 2 people could be cleaning up and not get in each other's way. I must add that it is important to have the dishes stored nearby. When my Fisher Paykel drawers died and I was only using the Bosch for everyday use, it was a inefficient to empty it, set every thing on the island and then walk around to put everything away or make a lot of trips to empty it.

    Now I'm redoing the kitchen in my beach house. I don't think I will have the room to put 2 dishwashers in. For me, it means, each dishwasher has a cabinet dedicated to trashcans, a cabinet for the sink ( a double cabinet for a large sink )and the dishwasher. Of course, if you have them flanking the sink then you do save that extra cabinet space but only one person can be doing clean up. When I entertain a lot in the summer and have large groups and tons of visitors , I will use paper plates.It's much more casual entertaining.

  • AboutToGetDusty

    ILoveRed and waverley66, so helpful! Thank you!

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