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Avocado Seed in Water Question

Ashlee Petrilla
January 11, 2019

My avocado seed has been ascended in water for about 7 months now and it has grown to about a foot tall. However, I've never trimmed it down to encourage new growth. I've read this as a suggestion on a few posts on the internet. Should I just move forward without trimming it down?

Also, the roots are pretty thick and starting to turn a darker brown color with a thick-ish mucous-like covering on them... I've wiped off most of it but I'm wondering if that's a bad sign and I should just start over with a new seed? Or should I move to a pot sooner than later?

Thanks so much for your help!!

Comments (3)
  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    It needs to be in soil, not water. Pot it up ASAP.

  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    if you try again ... do the water deal.. until you just see roots forming ... and then immediately pot into damp potting media ...

    its fun to watch in water ... but they are trees.. not aquatics ... so the faster they are in media ... the better for them ...

    you can probably skip the water altogether ... if you can keep the media moist enough ... while the roots are forming ...

    i am sure you can search out all kinds of video on this ...

    i have never understood the idea of trimming the top of a tree ... to encourage growth .... youre not the first.. and you wont be the last ...

    without a pic.. its hard to give you any specific advice ... can you post one ..

    finally ... they are trees .. think in tree time ... they are slo motion.. compared to non-trees ... you just have to give them time to do their thing ... so cutting the top off.. isnt going to speed anything up ... though i might change my mind.. if i saw a pic ....


    ps: changing the water every few days ... might help the slime issue ... but regardless.. pot it up if you can ...

  • party_music50

    Fwiw, I've started plants easily by placing the avocado pit directly into moist potting mix, with part of the pit exposed, and then enclosing the entire thing into a plastic bag to retain moisture. They root and sprout quickly -- in my experience, less than a month -- and then the bag can be removed.

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