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Tweaking the Final Plan

5 days ago

I'd love some feedback on a few details of my final plan, please

Quick background: we have 6 young kids, and cook 3 meals daily, so this will be a very well-used kitchen. This is a to-the-studs Reno, so everything, including window placment, is negotiable at this point. We will be getting a new, big fridge, but will have to reuse our slide-in gas range.

The goal is a practical, budget-friendly, and efficient (but still oh so pretty!) kitchen for a large and growing family.

How big can my island be? The kitchen designer has written "island placement to be verified," which explains why it's not centred properly but can I add a foot or two or will it interfere with the Dishwasher?

Is the prep sink and garbage location okay? I've never had a kitchen with a prep sink or even an island so I'm not sure what to think.

The charging station/mail desk is beside the walk-in pantry, which I'm in looove with. But does anyone have any opinion on if it should be counter height with no seating? or desk height with a chair? What is the most usable?

Im so torn on the dual spice pull-outs flanking the range...are they actually useful? Or an added expense we don't need? Does anyone have these and love them? Hate them? Do little kids get into them easily?

Here is the whole layout. The island will not be rounded like that.

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  • Jean Kappes

    I am renovating my kitchen which I have done 2 times before to other places I read yours. I cook all the time. I like my spice rack above where I am working.- visually so I can see. I dont feel that those spice racks down below by the stove are functional. Maybe make a draw bigger and take away those spice racks. I also had another kitchen done over and I thought I wanted the cabinet under the sink for the sponges etc- total waste of money. The draws are the best better than the pull out cabinets.

  • backyardfeast

    Your design is on the right track. Remember that we generally want a workflow from fridge, to sink and prep space, then to stove. So I would suggest either swapping the range and clean-up sink, or, if you want the clean-up sink a little out of the main work area (which would mean someone can do dishes or prep another dish while not being in the way of the main cook), I would move your prep sink down towards the fridge, at the other end of the island.

    It looks to me like your island could be a little bigger, but I would push it back a bit. We went with the highly recommended 48" aisles for all sides, which means that two people can pass each other comfortably, but also that the dishwasher door can be fully extended and there's still room to open a drawer on the island or for someone to walk through. This width is essential, I think, when you're going to need to open your oven door and there are kids around.

    That said, I wouldn't want more than 48", and you seem to have 6' between your fridge and island? I would definitely extend the island down that way. with that extra space, I'd move all the cabinetry down towards the fridge and give yourself some seating at the far end so the seats wrap around. With a big family, it's nice to not have everyone sitting all in a row. On our 10' island I wish we'd done that. It's fine for two of us sitting next to each other, but when you get to 3 or 4, it gets awkward without someone standing on the other side. :-)

  • lisapoi

    More about the spice rack...with our remodel we ended up putting our spices in a top drawer. I just Wrote the name of the spice on the top of the lid with a marker, and arranged them in a ready-made drawer organizer tray (cutlery tray.?) from Winners. Whatever the method, I highly recommend the drawer idea because spices are so very easy to find and put back.

    My drawer is 24” wide.

  • Michelle wants Sophie back

    Furthering what @backyardfeast said, it looks like you have only 36" cabinet to cabinet between the main sink wall and island; a few inches less than that when you account for countertop overhang. That's getting very "snug". At minimum you want 42" counter to counter, better even would be the 48" byf mentions.

    Perhaps that's what the KD meant by "island placement to be verified"? He/she should address these aisle widths in the final placement.

  • zmith

    I wouldn't like those pullouts in your design. They seem to be placed for symmetry only. I keep oils and vinegar in the upper cab near my cooktop. Think about where YOU want to store things in your kitchen.

    With your growing family, your island needs to be 48" from the perimeter cabinets.

    Also, a 36" hood is more effective over a 30" range. You have space. Change it. :)

  • hwierenga

    Thanks, everyone! I will be putting in 36" range hood, that's great advice. And the island will be moved and have at least 48" aisles, if not wider. Do you think I have room to add a foot or two to the island, once it's poroperly centered?

    I'm going back and forth and back again on the spice pull outs....

    Im starting to think the corner might be too snug...should I move the range closer to the sink a few inches to make more room in the corner?

  • Michelle wants Sophie back

    If you shifted the range a bit, how does that impact the uppers on either side of the window? Might you shift them a bit so you could "grow" that 12" wide upper on the left side of the upper corner cabinet?

    Are the lower bits on either side of the range simply filler pieces? Maybe consider keeping enough "blind" space on either side of your range so that if you ever wanted to replace it with a 36" wide model, all you needed to do was modify the fillers (keep the overall space centered under the vent hood)

  • hwierenga

    Here the cabinet sizes I was thinking would work if I were to move the range: 18" upper--36"range hood--18" upper, then the corner.

    The pieces flanking the range are 6" spice pull out, but I'm still debating if we want them or not.

  • Jean Kappes

    i always think about how I use my kitchen currently and what I would want to make it better. I only had a 24 inch work space - and a bigger work space was better. Also, i decided to make my spice and working cabinet bigger - When the cabinet is only 12 inches you cannot put a revolving tray bigger than 9 inches so I opted to go with a 15 inch cabinet in depth on one side.

  • wilson853

    I would move the refrigerator to the left of the sink so that is close to your dining table, and slide the sink to the right. The short wall would then be dedicated as a cooking zone. Items coming out of the refrigerator will be prepped at the sink, then go to the range. In any case, I would ditch the spice pullouts and use the extra 12 inches to make your drawers a bit wider. I prefer to have my spices in a drawer. I would also try to squeeze in another DW even if not a full size one. With a growing family that would be a tremendous help.

  • Heather N

    I love my spice pullouts, but kids definirely get into them. But they get into everything! I STRONGLY urge you to get two dishwashers, particularly with 6 children and all the cooking you do. Put one on either side of the sink. Our last house had 2 dishwashers and we thought it was ridiculous when we moved in. After living with them in our old house, we put two in the kitchen in our new house. My husband always says that they are his favorite thing about our kitchen - that they seem like a crazy luxury, but they’re actually so useful. When one dishwasher is running, you fill up the other dishwasher and just alternate. It will make your life with 6 kids so much easier and keep your sink looking cleaner since you won’t have so many dishes piling up.

    Your two sinks are pretty close together, I don’t know if you can break them up a bit. We built a little pullout stepstool into the cabinetry in front of our prep sink and my kids use it all the time to wash their hands and fill up their water glasses. If you have 6 truly little kids that can’t reach the sink, that might be a worthwhile investment. You can convert the stepstool drawer to a regular storage drawer in the future when your kids are bigger.

  • Heather N

    You might want to consider having at least one charging drawer in the kitchen area. i like being able to charge my phone and my laptop while I’m sitting at the kitchen island, or while I’m cooking. It would be kind of far away to charge on the other side of the room. If there’s room, make sure you can put a printer over in that workstation area unless you have an easily accessible printer somewhere else in the house. Make sure the overhang for your island is at least 15” for comfortable seating. dont put a tall apron underneath the countertop - some people do this for decorative purposes, but then it makes it hard to sit comforrably and also difficult for little kids using booster seats or clip-on counter seats.

  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    I like the layout m/l as is. The clean-up zone and dish storage will be convenient to the dining table--helpers can load or unload the DW, or gather dishes to set the table, without entering the prep and cooking zones.

    You can have a longer island. If the 30' measurement is correct, you have about 29' between the short wall of the kitchen and the DR wall opposite. You can seat 5 on the long side of a 10' island, and have a 6th seat on the DR side. I drew the island less deep (42"), and gave you a very generous work aisle. The drawers to the right of the prep sink could hold flatware and dishes, if the cabinets to the left of the DW are not sufficient. The only drawback to such a long island is that one stone slab might not be long enough for the top.

    I also made the fridge an optional 42"--with such a large family you might need more cold storage, with an optional tall side-loading cabinet (red rectangle). I moved the range a bit further from the corner, and squared off the upper diagonal cab--you can use an EZ-reach corner. Cabinet sizes will need to be tweaked.

    ETA, I like the suggestion made to have a second DW--flanking the sink.

    hwierenga thanked mama goose_gw zn6OH

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