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Hosta O 2018 ....

Today is Os. There are not to many of them so post anything that brings joy to your heart.

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  • Saija

    Orange Marmalade (July)

    Orange Marmalade ( August)

    Old Glory ( need to move in more sunny bed)

    Knitting is my winter joy.


  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    Here are a couple more O's

    One Last Dance, new in 2018

    One Man's Treasure, also new in 2018.

  • Tiddisolo Wales UK

    On Stage on the right

    Ooh La La

    Ogon Iwa also known as longipes Aurea


  • steve duggins - Ohio

    I'm loving the jokes and all the pics. Progression pics are especially interesting to me (and warm socks), Hope you don't mind this Obscene Gesture. Please don't take it personally. It's new last year and freshly planted - I'm hoping to see a more mature one or progression pics.

    One Last Dance has been a favorite and great grower. Planted in 2017, this one might benefit from some more sun. It greens (chartreuses?) up pretty quickly for me. Here it is on May 12

    and on May 22
    and on the right on June 20
    Extra pics since I don't have many Os

    I find joy in hiking with my wife (even in the winter)

    Spring is pretty good too
    or in the summer (with our daughter)
    and the Fall can be fun too

  • mae (zone 5b On)

    Steve, The pictures taken on your hikes make me wish to head outdoors. I especially love the frozen waterfall pic. I'm inspired to look out the window...(nose pressed to cold glass)...I hear the howling wind....see the ice & blowing snow... make a cup of coffee & count the days til spring.

  • mae (zone 5b On)

    Saija, My Old Glory got more light this year after we removed a tree. The extra light transformed it so much that I often sat beside it just to enjoy its beauty. (It's near a step otherwise I'd need help to get back up again :) Love Old Glory

  • mae (zone 5b On)

    New in my garden for 2017--Orange Marmalade. It seemed to like it's place in the morning sun. I hope it returns in the spring.

  • sunnywood 5aChazyNY

    Love the jokes Paula!

    October Sky

    Old Faithfull

    Old Glory

    On Stage looks like a buny had lunch

    Ooh La La

    Orange Marmalade

  • Karin Black Cat

    aka Ogon Iwa

    Got this late in fall and I hope it will be back in spring. Was very long on my wishlist and finally my friend Renaat send me a little piece :-)

    Another one from the Canadian Jardins d'Osiris...

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Paula's jokes, Saija's socks, Steve' pics and Ooh La La all the lovely O's.

    I have others but no pics.

    On the Border - this is an old pic. I really like this one and will need to update it.
    Oze. Poor thing did not appreciate the drought.

    My daughter and dog bring me joy.

    sunnywood & Karin you both posted as I did, great O's!

  • Shadow -4A-NB Canada

    Orange Marmalade -June 20th

    june 28th

    July 7th

    Aug 4th in bloom

  • Shadow -4A-NB Canada




    Jim has a drone and this is my hometown. He took pictures of my garden, but I prefer those close up.

    Hope you enjoy a piece of my place

    Happy Friday All!!!

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il
    No O hosta for me, I’m adding my other garden love, daylilies. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    Shadow I love your seasonal progression of Orange Marmalade

  • mbug_gw

    Enjoying the pics once again!


    Olive Bailey Langdon.....on left

    One Last Dance....still a rookie

    Orange Marmalade closeup

    ....another that stays in a pot

    My dog and the beech.....

  • hostas_for_barb

    Sherri, lovely lilies.

    Orange Marmalade is my only O

    And setting a pretty table brings me joy. Here are a few pics.

    A wedding shower in my backyard for a dear friend's daughter with silver, china, & crystal.

    Thankgsgiving in the dining room for family.

    Dinner Party to chase away the February Blues.

    Dining on the deck in the fall.

    Casual dining with a Charcuterie Board.

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    So lovely, Barb, makes me hungry and want to be invited ; ). Oh and, lovely Orange Marmalade!


  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    Outstanding pics everyone!..no O hosta..no creative projects (Saija - marvelous socks!)..no daughter..no dog..no Out of this world parties (barb - you could be an event planner!)..here's a nice fall 2018 pic of my Old parents (dad 88 & mom 85) lol..

  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

    Oh, how about something for your car's back window...to share with folks who can't put there cell phones down while driving...


  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    Lots of nice "Os" and really enjoying seeing all the extra pics. Always fun!

    On Stage ( 'Choko Nishiki' before Aden stole it )
    I have had this for 12 years. Yes, 12!!! It's now in it's third sunnier home. All I have to say is, "Grow, dammit! GROW! LOL.

    What brings me joy? ......walking down one of my garden paths.....

    The colors of the sunflowers I grew this year....

    My crazy Christmas village that I hope is done growing. I imagine it's a happy place to be. :-)

  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    I forgot to post what gives me joy, one is being out in my garden and another is a quiet evening on the water.

  • ConnieMay

    Olive Bailey Langdon

  • hostas_for_barb

    ConnieMay, your photo makes me want to try that one again. Lovely!

  • ConnieMay

    Thanks Barb! Your OM is fantastic! How old is it?

  • ConnieMay

    New purchase in 2018: One Last Dance (I couldn’t resist the variable markings...and the twisted tips.)

  • windymess z6a KC, Ks

    Only two O’s - Old Glory and On Stage... no decent pics.

    My joys - faith, family.

    You all have amazing gifts and talents, and I love the pictures you’ve shared in this thread and those previous. (And BTW - Paula and Old Dirt - thank you for your service.) It’s so great to have that little bit of insight into your lives.

    Here’s a pair of cuties that really make me happy:

    When I’m not playing with them, at work (part-time, thankfully), gardening, etc., etc..... and especially at this time of year, I enjoy stitching and sewing/quilting. Always have on-going projects... these are the first two I ever completed:

  • hostas_for_barb

    Beautiful quilts Windy!

  • lindalana

    Have been watching everyone's photos

    in alphabet. Will be doing it again and again. Note to self- take better pics. Many hostas came to my garden because of your pics.

    This is what my summer looks like in addition to growing hostas.

  • old_dirt

    Outstanding O's everyone. Enjoying all the "joy to your heart" pics as I can relate to many of them. Being from Michigan with four beautiful seasons there is always something to explore and enjoy.

    On Stage

    Olive Bailey Langdon

    Orange Star


    Orange Marmalade

    Old Glory

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Old dirt, they all look so good I can’t pick a favorite!

  • ConnieMay

    Old Dirt - your On Stage picture looks like art!

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    Two new ones for me:

    I am very glad to see the other Ooh la la's here. I am going to show mine a picture of Dave's and Sunnywood's. I want it to look like theirs! This is mine:

    One Last Dance. Took the photo after it rained.

    I am thoroughly impressed with all of the talents and hobbies here on this thread! Saija, I always have cold feet. I wish I could knit. Awesome socks! Steve, wonderful hiking photos. Very nice to see you and your family. Peren.all thank you for posting a picture of your daughter and doggie. Wonderful!

    Shadow, your Orange Marmalade progression photos are fantastic! I enjoyed seeing "a piece of your place." I love that first picture with the sunset!

    Sherry, your daylilies are lovely. I have been avoiding the other thread with daylilies because I am afraid I will get hooked on them! I think hostas are about all that I can handle! LOL

    Great looking dog, and beach, mbug! Oh, I wish I were on that beach now. It's very cold here.

    Barb, your table settings are so pretty! They look like you took a lot of time to decide and choose exactly the right things to add.

    That is a nice picture of your parents, Nicholsworth. A picture to treasure, for sure.

    I love your sunflower colors, sandyslopes! So pretty. What an extensive Christmas village. I am wondering how long it took you to collect those pieces.

    Beautiful picture on the water Beth!

    Are those cuties your grandchildren windymess? Adorable! Your quilts are amazing. Not sure how you find time for everything!

    Lindalana, that is quite the harvest. I suspect you even have a lot more!

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    newhostalady..I love your thoughtful comments and the way that you acknowledge everyone..I do love that pic of my parents..so I decided why not post it?..One Last Dance is going to be a beauty..

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    Thanks nicholsworth! I was truly admired each one! Your parents look really good at their age. And they look happy. It reminded me of my parents.

    In addition to growing hosta and gardening, I like to do some garden photography. My favorite is closeups. Many times, it is only when I have come real close with the camera, that I see what I would not have seen. I am taking a "rest" in photography now as my camera broke. I will be working on getting a replacement before spring season!

    and one of my favorites:

    This is from a cactus taken at a greenhouse. I didn't even see the little white balls on the flower until I photographed it! Nature is wonderful!

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    newhostalady..beautiful pictures!..nature is amazing..I hope my DH and I hold up as well as my parents..

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Newhostalady, absolutely gorgeous photography! Get a new camera right away!


  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    I second that, nhl. Your photography skills are much too good for you not to have a camera. Those closeups are amazing!

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    O what a talented bunch!

    Barb you really know how to set an inviting table!

    sandyslopes love your Christmas village! I have one but not nearly as nice!

    windymess beautiful quilts! Those little ones of yours are beyond adorable!

    lindalana what a bounty!

    newhostalady your photography is legendary here! It never ceases to amaze me what shows in a photo that our naked eye misses.

    tj you are always so witty.

    Shadow & Beth lovely scenery! So nice to see where people come from in pics.

    Sherry such a great selection of Daylilies! You know I am a fan.

    nicholsworth what a handsome pair your parents are!

    Every ones One Last Dance is such a standout!

    Paula what can I say. You put so much time and thought into each post. Thank you!

  • DelawareDonna Zone 7A

    Two O's for me

    On Stage

    One Last Dance

    I love to crochet

    Cape with curly scarf

    Scarf and Headband


    Afgan - not quite finished

    Wills sporting his summer cut

  • Claudia _michigan

    This Hosta isn’t in the libary

    it is a hosta between Jeff Miller and Hansen. supposedly each got a piece.

    a friendship plant between the 2 men.

    the name of the Hosta is:

    our dutch friend not a exciting Hosta by itself but i loved the story about it

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