Unknown shady perennial

last year
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Ok, I know I'm getting old...ten years ago I would have remembered everything I planted in the last 5 years. Now, I'm finding I'm not sure what I planted this year. Good thing I'm not a squirrel, I'd have starved forgetting where I hid the nuts.

Here's the clues, it apparently has rhizomes, and it was planted in a north facing exposure that gets less than 1/2 sun, appropriate for native lobelias, oakleaf hydrangea (which it's planted under), native azaleas etc. I must have been concerned about drainage because I planted it about an inch raised. It's very likely to be a native plant to my region, but not certain, I do occassionally buy exotics.

Heck if I know what it is..but if someone says something I am sure I'll say 'Doh...yeah, I remember now'.


Geriatric (really not...I think)


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