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Hosta T 2018 ......

Super Bowl over. My team won, again. 6. Were tied Steelers. Next year we will have 7. LOL

We have better things to do so lets see some hosta Ts:

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  • ConnieMay

    Tokudama Aureonebulosa

    a little muddy, but I like this angle...


    Tom Schmid

    Touch of Class

  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    Here are my T's for today

    Thunderbolt, purchased in 2015 as a TC. Maybe this year it will grow

    Touch of class, on the left. New last year.


  • Saija

    Tickle Me Pink (July)

    Tickle Me Pink (August)

    Touch of Class

    Timeless Beauty

    Twilight (July)

  • sunnywood 5aChazyNY


    The King something else must like it!


    Timeless Beauty

    Touch of Class


    Tokudama Flavocircinals

  • steve duggins - Ohio

    Tea at Betty's

    One of my Desert Island Hostas - The King

    Tick Tock

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    The King is looking very majestic! I must have him!!!!

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Terrific T's! ConnieMay Tokudama Aureonebulosa is wonderful. I hope my Tom Schmid looks as good as yours one day.

    sunnywood Tokudama Flavocircinals is a standout.

    Timeless Beauty is one I had not heard of but I am clearly behind on this.

    Karin Tomoko is very pretty and I adore Tortifrons.

    Hopefully next year I will have pics of Touch of Class, The King, Tidewater and Tickle Me Pink.


    Teaspoon flowering - I had to go back in time to get this pic since the deer ate the buds this year and last.

    The High Life

    Tom Schmid - I forgot to take a pic this year, it has grown quite a bit.

  • Laura z4b / Helsinki, Finland

    I only have photo of one my T’s and that’s Teaspoon living under the montana Aureomarginata

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    all of the Touch of Class are so pretty..so classy..lots of variety in the T's..tall..small..all colors..leaves in different shapes and sizes..

    steve and sunnywood..I agree with oursteelers..The King grabs my attention..

    Saija and Karin..like the color of Tickle me Pink..

    I have Twilight and Tokudama Flavocircinals but no pics..

  • ConnieMay

    Wow Peren.all, that’s an impressive Teaspoon!

  • windymess z6a KC, Ks

    Yes - these are all gorgeous! But peren - your Teaspoon is a real winner! Mine is struggling, I may have to move it this year...

    Tick Tock

    Touch of Class

  • mbug_gw

    On to the T's.....


    Tenryu ...front right

    Fragrant King

    The Razor's Edge

    Tick Tock

    Tokudama Flavocircinalis

    Tom Schmid

    Tongue Twister

    Touch of Class

  • sunnywood 5aChazyNY

    Mbug, your Touch of Class is amazing! Mine is growing very slowly!

  • ConnieMay

    Beautiful mature hostas mbug. Your The King is very different than the others posted in this thread...

  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    Lots of beautiful "Ts" everyone!

    Saija, Tickle Me Pink looks good and like it stays some shade of yellow the entire season. Also, small enough that it might work in my garden. I'm glad you and Karin showed that one.

    Karin, Tortifrons is so different, I might not recognize it as a hosta if I saw it in someone's yard.

    Tongue Twister


    Touch of Class

  • Shadow -4A-NB Canada



    Tokudama Flavocircinalis

    I bought The King and Tambourine last year, thanks for posting pictures. When they are tiny hostas(new), it's hard to imagine how they will look like as a mature plant. I can't wait until my The King is mature!!!

    I still love that Teaspoon......but do not have one :(

    Very lovely T's everyone.

  • mbug_gw

    Sunnywood...thank you..I have been lucky with TOC.....have 3 and all doing well.

    ConnieMay.....You are right ....my The King does look different. That's because it is Fragrant King! I mislabeled it. Sorry, and thanks for pointing it out.

  • old_dirt

    Paula, copy that. Papa uniform romeo romeo, I repeat Papa uniform romeo romeo!

    I have two T's, Twilight and Touch of Class, neither pic worthy this year so I will be content to admire all yours.

  • Tiddisolo Wales UK

    Nineteen T's in the collection and only this one to show.

    The Sweetest Thing

    Added to the collection in 2017 hoping for a bit of a leap this year.


  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    I love that homing pigeon joke Paula!

    A few T's for me:

    Tootie Mae (slow growing for me)


    Touch of Class:

    Twist of Dwarf:

    Your Tokudama Aureonebulosa is awesome ConnieMay!

  • hostas_for_barb

    Wow, so many beautiful Ts

    Tears of Joy

    Touch of Class

    Twist of Lime

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