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Tiny white bugs in my plant HELP

February 10, 2019
last modified: February 10, 2019

I just noticed very small bugs in my parlour palm, could someone please identify what they are and tell me how to get rid of then!

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  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    Those are a type of larvae called a Collembola, likely a onychuiridae in particular. These little creatures are omnivores, might be feeding on tender root hairs in a container.

    The potting mix looks very mucky, is it? Anyway, I would sprinkle the soil surface with horticultural grade DE (diatomaceous earth) found in most garden centers. Keep a dusting reapplied as it disappears into the soil.

    I would avoid any chemical pesticide drenches.

    Later on, when you can procure a good, fast draining, coarse textured potting medium, repot your palm.

  • Fori

    You don't think they look more magotty than springtaily?

    I'd guess fungus gnats, trying not to drown. It does look soggy whatever the tiny dots are.

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    I spy tiny appendages (antennae and feeties) on those larvae, eliminating the maggoty identification. Onychiuridae prefer moist environments, too.

    Click HERE for a Bug Guide page.

  • PRO
    The Logician LLC

    I'm not attempting an ID.

    I did examine the above image pixel-by-pixel, and there are no appendages showing.

    monika would have to confirm these body parts.

    Some appear to have a slightly bulbous body, similar to the Onychiuridae.

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