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Gifted Ariel from Morocco

February 10, 2019
last modified: February 10, 2019

My neighbor went to Morocco and brought us back some goodies. He thought it was strange that I asked for detergent lol! But he brought me back a little bag, trying it out on a small load of dh’s clothes. My first try with a phosphate detergent.

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  • Larisa Batchelor

    Once you use a phosphate detergent your never gonna wanna go back to non phosphate detergent lol well maybe that’s just me. I now add sttp (phosphates) into any load that has detergent without phosphates. just recently found a boatload of german persil with phosphates for a reasonable price so won’t have to be adding any to my loads soon. Hope it is a good performing detergent for you.

  • ci_lantro

    Bad news is that there are no phosphates in the detergent if this is true:

    January 27, 2014

    Procter & Gamble announced on Jan. 27 that it's removing phosphates from all of its laundry detergents worldwide over the next two years. This announcement will apply to all of its brands, including Tide, Ariel, Ace and Bonux.


  • cmamcon5

    ci_lantro, it’s still listed in the ingredients. Even if not, I’ll still have fun trying it. I didn’t ask for any specific one, so I think this is just what his family uses. Got some bar soap and chocolate too!

  • mamapinky0

    I can't read it..lol..where does it say phosphates?

    Larisa..how old is your German Persil with phosphates?

  • Larisa Batchelor

    It’s defiently older lol I used google translate and brought it to work as the owner is German. She said it’s an older version of that persil and the one that work so well. I found a total of 9 boxes at a close out store for 5.00 each. 7 universal and 2 color versions. It was like winning the lotto!

  • mamapinky0


    I was just hoping it didn't say...Phosphonates...which isn't phosphates..although it sure sounds like it. Lol

    Anyway...nice find and enjoy.

  • cmamcon5

    Mamapinky, his wife told me it had phosphates, but it lists phosphonates? Not sure...

    I use mostly unscented and can only tolerate small amounts of certain scents on my stuff (weirdly, a tiny bit of Gain Moonlight breeze beads and Bounce sweet dreams currently) so I'll probably try it out on a few misc loads. This one is Downey scent and definitely reminds me of the Downey smell.

    I bought some of the sttp from Amazon a while back but haven't tried adding it yet. I have moderately hard water so probably should try stripping my towels with the sttp and some tide free powder.

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