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door anxiety help move past 1990

February 11, 2019

I am trying to repaint our front door and exterior garage and trim. our brick work is red, pink, sage and charcoal black. I love the look of painted doors that add curb appeal but our brick work has so many colors in it, we don't want things getting too busy. we thought a slight green tinged grey for the garage and trim. just wondering what you think of a black door (Behr carbon) with grey trim here? any advice on good paint colors and what type of finish works best for a door. exterior egg shell or matt???? does anyone have any experience with this???? help help help

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  • lauraalarid2002

    I don't have any colors to suggest; but as far as paint I used BM Grand Entrance in the high gloss and it is a beautiful finish. My door is paint grade wood.

  • Jennifer
    do you happen to have a photo of the finished door?
  • dyliane

    the door is beautiful, for me the problem is the surround

  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    Paint all black and the garage doors, as well.

  • Jennifer
    Yes, I am going to paint the wood around the surrounded wood for the door a grey color. my problem is that I can't replace the windows yet. The windows have white sashes in them which would look a bit out of place next to a black door surround. instead painting door surround grey.
  • R. C.

    The black would look nice, as would a nice sagey green. I used a high gloss exterior paint on my door and it was beautiful.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    the wood on your door needs some work before painting. the sun has done a number on it.

    it needs some decent sanding to bring down that grain. (some wood oil would really help nourish all that dry wood. but you'd have to hold off on painting until it's all absorbed well.

    I did a door like this for a client. I went over the entire front with 120,150, 220, 320 sand paper. before you paint, run your hand over all the wood. it should feel very smooth. if not, your paint job will look like crap.

    so, sand well. when smooth, wipe with mineral spirits and let dry. spray on a good oil based primer (I like to use a Shellac or Zinsser oil base spray primer). you will have to lightly sand again after priming. wipe clean.

    Now you can paint. use a semi gloss to help reflect the sun. you should use an exterior paint w/UV qualities.

    I'd do a nice glossy black, or red, or charcoal.

    more of a brick red shad. I'd also do the side lites, or paint them in a dark charcoal

    and please, if you can't get new garage doors, paint what you have either black or this Urbane Bronze, or Black Fox color

    see how nice it looks?

  • Jennifer
    wow, I never thought of cherry red. you don't think it clashes at all? thanks, that looks amazing too see those options.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    no it doesn't clash. you want a red that leans over towards the blue end, not the orange end of the spectrum. a deep, dark red. (I'd also do a matte black hardware and new lighting fixtures)


    I'm partial to gargoyles. (I actually have this light)

    and your garage doors really need to look like this

  • Jennifer

    we were going to go with a softer grey for with a slightly green tint. the garage needs a different color, I totally agree. I like urban bronze but felt it was too dark. we decided on Confederate by Behr (this might be the worst paint name ever). looking a bit like this.

  • Jennifer
    too wimpy?
  • lopipopi

    We have similar brick and went with Benjamin Moore Sundried Tomato for our door. We left the trim around the door painted white because I liked the contrast with the red.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    blah. yes. too wimpy.

    as for the white trim/garage doors,,,you have nothing else that's white. white around the doors is too stark.

    go dark. black, Urbane bronze, a dark taupe.

    colors on the left column:

    you could even do a navy door

    you could even do this sage green tone and bring in ivory trim colors.

    (I don't see what's wrong w/Confederate. it just happens to be that particular color gray from a time in history)

    light gray is just blah

    this one is slightly better, only because the doors are better looking. this would be a charcoal gray/green color.

    if this was mine, I'd prob get a nice wood door like this,

    new lights/door handle and new garage doors in black, w/carriage hardware

  • PRO
    MS Colours Inc

    Fine paints of Europe hollandlac brilliant.

  • Jennifer
    thanks for all the advice! it's been very helpful!!!! I really appreciate it. will post the finished product in a few weeks.
  • tatts

    If those doors get direct sun (as it appears at least the front door does), do NOT paint them black (or any dark color). The heat buildup will destroy them, including the joints.

  • Newenglandgardenerct

    Sorry to highjack this thread, but Beth H. do you have a source for the top light shown above? It is just what I am looking for. (though that gargoyle is tempting).

  • Jennifer
    the door is 20 years old and does not get direct sunlight, luckily. thanks for the advice though!
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    newengland,,,not a direct link. but try the big box stores or check, "exterior lantern style lighting" and you should see it.

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