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Sun room do over

February 17, 2019

Our sun room / office needs a do over. The wicker and desk must stay. Any advice? I’m intent on painting the ceiling and wood paneling! Thanks

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  • Yayagal

    Is the floor staying? What color are the chairs, black or brown? Hard to tell on my screen.

  • Joy Peace
  • Bluebell66

    How do you feel about replacing or covering the cushions in the wicker furniture?

  • darralisa
    I cannot tell your complete floor plan based upon the photo. If this is the only way to place your couch, table and chairs, I would recommend the following: Editing some of the items would be a start. The room has too much in it and is not balanced. The desk is really nice, could this be used as your bar, and therefore remove the wire shelving unit? If need be for protection add a plexi or glass top. Would the small table thing in the left corner work as a table between the chairs? Or using the table I can see on the bottom right. The garden stool is fine, I’d moved it to the other side of your couch. I’m personally not crazy about the tall corner cabinet or small tall table with the statue on it near the couch in a sunroom. You also may consider a larger coffee table that isn’t as fancy for a sunroom. I would paint all the walls, including the wood wall, the same color, a creamy white, and the wood ceiling haint blue. The fan maybe too small and dark for the room. Do you need a fan? Could this be switched out to something more fun? You also should consider adding table lamps and a floor lamp. Your floor looks like a dark grey, it needs a rug. Sisal rugs work well in sunrooms, this may soften the grey. Or if you are bold, a Persian type rug. You stated the wicker must stay, and the cushions look like they are in good condition, so add some patterned pillows with color and a couple throws. Turquoise is very complimentary of dark brown for an accent color. Your art is too high, and too small for that area. A huge canvas with tons of color would be better. Just my thoughts, big picture is this is a sunroom and your current accessory furniture, although lovely, seems too fancy for this type of space.
  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    I read your title ‘sun room’ but was very surprised to see how dark and dreary the room appears!

    It would be a shame to paint that lovely real wood paneling.

    I would remove the gray floor and install tile or stone in a very light color. Pale beige or white. I’d replace the dark brown cushions with a light, bright color. Yellow, sage green, light blue? Remove what looks like a wood curio cabinet in the back right corner. The coffee table style seems inappropriate for the furniture. Add fat tall green plants and a bright sunny rug big enough to ground the furniture on.

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