Help choosing pattern and color for bench

Carla Austin
last year

Help. I've searched pinterest and Google and still can't find the perfect pattern and colors to paint/stencil/decal this bench for my son's bedroom. I finally decided on an area rug which is heavy on the primary colors. His bedding is blue, yellow, grey, and black. I like the simple patterns but I'm not sure just painting it a solid color would be interesting enough. My son loves letters and numbers. I'd like to keep it as simple as possible from a DIY perspective. I bought a chevron stencil I would like to use (but I can return it if someone has better suggestions). The bench is currently a light wood which I don't think works with the color scheme (or does it?). I love the idea of easy decals (maybe stars) with perhaps a chevron pattern on top or side. Would this work? Attaching pics of the bench, rug, and bedding. Thanks!