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The Ring Of Crocus

Christopher C Nc
February 25, 2019

In a wild garden

The Rider On The Lawn

Where The Stinze Begins

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  • posierosie_zone7a

    Nice! Your crocus are huge - really visible!

  • Christopher C Nc

    These are some of the larger flowered variety. As they multiply over the years, the ring of crocus is getting visible from further and further away.

  • popmama

    I fell in a burning ring of crocus!

  • cecily 7A

    Surprised that you can grow crocus: the local deer herd adores them here.

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Mine get eaten by voles unless planted in hardware cloth cylinders. But I enjoy them and do plant a few for early spring.

    I enjoy that more southern gardeners post at this time of year when temperatures where I am are still in the teens and the ground is frozen and snow-covered. It gives me assurance that speeding will eventually arrive.

  • Christopher C Nc

    The burning ring of crocus! Ha ha.

    I hollered at the deer eating the crocus last week and she hasn't been back since. Voles can and will eat them too. Our supply exceeds demand for the most part. That has a lot to do with the deer population not being out of control here and having the full compliment of vole eaters. The crocus also self sow as well as multiply by bulb offsets.

    Still, damn varmints!

  • Christopher C Nc

    A wild desire made real

    In the burning ring

    I need more, more, more

    More crocus for the ring

  • Christopher C Nc thanked David (N.E. Georgia, zone 8a)
  • Christopher C Nc

    The sun came out today. It was 60 degrees. Next up - a polar blast with lows in the teens. I am expecting some freezer burn. How much is the question.

    In situ

  • popmama

    If it were me, I'd throw some large pots over the larger bloom clumps to preserve them through that snow blast.

  • Christopher C Nc

    No coddling in this garden. Nature runs the show. No worries. This garden holds layer upon layer of life.

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