quartz floating shelf along one entire wall in kitchen

2 years ago
Our KD has proposed using the painted cabinetry wood for a floating shelf along the run of wall of cabs in our one-wall plus island kitchen. It’s a long run. Nearly 11 ft long. I’ve attached an inspiration pic of what it will look like

I’ve considered asking her to use quartz instead of the light gray painted cabinetry material. Our backsplash will be the same sueded finish silestone Statuario as the counters. I don’t want to have brackets. So before I ask her if she can make this ($) change, I’d like to know if is feasible. Obviously it will be heavy. But if damp glassware or dishware is placed on the wood, I’d be concerned with the integrity of the wood. We have steel framing, if that matters. I just don’t know how hard of a task

Of note, we won’t have upper cabinets at all. Similar to second picture. There will be sconces. Paneled 42” fridge at one end and nearly 6 ft cabinetry pantry on the other end. Range centered


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