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“Improved” Meyer lemons: how to tell when ripe?

5 days ago

I’ve only had my little potted tree since last summer. It set 3 fruits in the fall. I brought it indoors in late October. (I live in zone 5b, Chicagoland) . It’s in my sunniest window.

The fruits started turning yellow in late December. They have been fully yellow for a while now, but I don’t know if “yellow” means ripe.

I saw some packaged Meyer lemons in the grocery store – the only time I have ever seen them - and their color was yellow-orange, not yellow. Is that the color they are supposed to be when ripe?

Another question:

I have not seen any growth – nor any additional flowering - since bringing it in. Is that because it’s winter, and nothing much is growing, even indoors? Alive, but in a holding pattern.

Or because fruit is still attached?


Comments (6)

  • dbarron

    Yes (to last two thoughts OP had).

    linnea56 thanked dbarron
  • TheyCallMeDave

    Yellow is an indicator... squeeze it a little, it should give a little... You can give it a gentle tug, if it's ripe it'll be a yellowish/orange colour, it'll be somewhat soft but firm and it'll come off the tree easily. You can also pick one yourself, taste it and decide for yourself. You did say you had 3 right?

    linnea56 thanked TheyCallMeDave
  • Denise Becker

    Yellow is ready to pick. If you wait until it's yellow orange in color it is over ripe, but it's suppose to be sweeter at this stage. If you wait too long to pick, it affects the amount of blossoms it will put out in the spring.

    linnea56 thanked Denise Becker
  • Laura LaRosa (7b)

    I agree with Denise...yellow and, like Dave said, it should give a little. I've never gotten an orangish meyer from my trees.

    linnea56 thanked Laura LaRosa (7b)
  • linnea56

    I squeezed one, it was very firm. Though it's been yellow for a good 2 months +.

  • Ike Stewart

    Meyers Lemons will hold on the tree for several months after getting ripe

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