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Blooming in March '19

5 days ago

Spring has sprung in Central Florida. Here's some eye candy for you guys.
Will add pics in a subsequent post. Houzz still isn't phone friendly.

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  • tom_d1026
    Hoya EPC-620 night fragrant of spicy jasmine. One of four umbels. An awesome bloomer
    Hoya lacunosa 'Ruby Sue' smells yummy at night. Kind of like sweet almond.

    Hoya khroniana 'Eskimo' looks and smells just like lacunosa. Not sure why it is a separate species. The only difference is the speckled heart shaped leaves.

    Epicatarthron 'Hilo Adventure' smells like roses. I think it would smell more in the sunlight as some orchids do. Easy bloomer.
    Brugmansia 'Mandarin Twist' surpassed my expectations. One bloom is extremely fragrant and will fill the area with fragrance. The scent started off as lemon candies and changed to lilies over the next couple nights. It is intoxicating. My most fragrant brug by far.

    Xena exploded into full flush. The scent is yummy but nowhere near as strong as Mandarin Twist. One of my favorite brugmansias.

    Brunfelsia gigantea smelled lovely last night. Powdery and sweet.

  • Meyermike

    Tom, glad you are well and beautiful ! I'll bet you are enjoying tjhe night fragrance)

    I can't believe you have Brugs flowering for you. That is why I would love to move down there. Mins are still in the basement asleep and will not bllom until the end of summer(

    I will have a couple of pics soon.


  • tom_d1026

    Thanks Mike. Can't wait to see your pics!

  • blutayle

    Arrgghhh….Tom!!!! You HAD to go there...lol....now I need "Mandarin Twist". LOL...where did you get it....I did get that umm what is it called...Tangerine Sky....I think....not too fragrant...Grimaldi and Frosty Pink are my go to for fragrance...but would love a lily smell. That is not the usual Brug smell so would LOVE that...

  • tom_d1026

    Hi blutayle, I got mine from Wynn Owens at Green Acres Nursery. You can email him. His website is http://greenacresnursery.net/ -- Ask for his current availability. He has his current availability list on facebook as well. I believe he has mandarin twist right now.

    I don't have Charles or Frosty. Charles is a go to for fragrance but I've been hesitant to grow it because it is prone to stem blight and I've already had one brug die from it. Interestingly, it was an offspring of a cross with Charles.

  • Meyermike

    Tom. I thought I had more to post but this winter has been nasty. Long and cold. But I did manage to bloom a plant a few days before it died thanks to your help and took a pic of this gardenia yesterday. It was almost last bloom. Both so fragrant. They smelled up the entire greenhouse

    Encyclia cordigera green very powerful


    Not sure but this one is the strongest of all. My goodness.

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