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Method hard floor cleaner

March 24, 2019
I accidentally used Method hard floor cleaner on my new hardwood floors. ( I thought it was Method hardwood floor cleaner) Now the floor is sticky and has a film. The floors are Sommerset Classic oak. Can anyone tell me what to do?

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  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    If you do anything please only do it on a small portion of the floor to test it and see if it resolves the issues. What cleaning product does Sommerset suggest??

  • SJ McCarthy

    It looks like Somerset has their own cleaner: http://market.somersetfloors.com/ultimatehardwoodfloorcleaner.aspx

    How did you mix the Method? How did you apply it? Did you use the "squirt and mop" method as advertised? If you did, the residue is going to be quite thick (hence the "sticky").

    Method products are, at their very heart, an "oil based" cleaner. These are DEATH to hardwood floors. Even their hardwood cleaner is oil based. And oil based cleaners are NOT allowed on hardwood floors - ever.

    I'm sorry you have fallen for this one. There are people who have had the same issue (I would LOVE to see a class action against Murphy's Oil Soap/Method/ "Eco" hardwood floor cleaners/etc). They have managed to remove the residue using Windex Original formula.

    It is a "hands and knees" sort of thing, but it works. As Oak & Broad suggests, you will test a patch in an out-of-the-way spot. I suggest a 2ft x 2ft square. You will need PLENTY of clean, white, COTTON clothes/rags and plenty of patience.

    You will apply the windex to the space, let it sit for a few seconds-1 minute and then wipe off. You should see a yellowish film on your cloth. Excellent. It's working. If you STILL see some streaks, then keep going over and over the spot until you are happy.

    Once you have cleaned your 2ft x 2ft patch, you will have a decent understanding of how the rest of the job is going to work. Normally I like to do the "big" clean (spray it and let sit for many seconds and then wipe off) over the whole floor and then go back and do a second or third application at a later time.

    We do NOT want these floors to get TOO wet. Which means you have to space out your Windexing and your wiping to ensure you keep your floors as happy as possible without damaging them due to excess moisture.

    Good luck. Tell us how it works out.

    And then PLEASE purchase the Somerset Cleaner. It appears to be CHEAPER than the Method.

  • Cheryl
    Thank you. The windex treatment worked and my floors look great. Lesson learned!
  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    Whew! Close call Cheryl.

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