Shrub Suggestion please?

last year

Ok, I'm in NW Arkansas (z7) with a shrub for a corner driveway siting. I would want it to be smallish due to not wanting to block view of traffic as I exit driveway. The siting is full sun, a not horrible clayish soil, average to dry conditions. I prefer summer interest and even shrub like herbaceous perennials can be acceptable (previous occupant was a hibiscus mutabilis which was a 4-5 foot dieback perennial here), though it might be possible to consider a winter interest like a deciduous holly also. I have a preference for native plants, but will not consider that an absolute.

The only thing that springs to my mind this morning is Ceanothus americanus, but not sure if the clay will be well-drained enough for it, having never been able to grow it at previous houses.

If something occurs to you, please suggest and thank you.

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