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Does anyone have kikutii?

May 15, 2019

Trying to find a “real life” photo. Having a difficult time identifying this plant.

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    i recall i had a few variations .... but apparently they were so uninspiring... that i never took a pic of any of them ... lol ...

    you ask.. why would i have it then ... well.. because i wanted them all ...

    the justification ... i was going to add species traits.. back into cultivars ... cross various species that normally wouldnt cross ... etc ...

    the result ... see above re pix ... lol


  • ademink

    I don't see any pix. lol I wanted them all, as well. MUST HAVE ALL THE SPECIES. now i have no idea what i was going to do with them all. lol here is my hosta I"m trying to ID. it isn't lancifolia....it isn't red october (white leaf back)....maybe kikutii?????

  • ademink

    Travels like clausa

  • ademink

    Or maybe clausa var normalis?

  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    clausa var clausa

    flowers are incredible .. pink and purple

  • hosta_maker

    red neck heaven is a hybrid of kikutti. and kikutti is very dominant. most seedlings take its form.

    but alas the flower would tell the story. its flower would look nothing like clausa.

    also clausa is stoleniferous. older clumps tend to spread in large patches underground.

  • ademink

    Beautiful Ken. Are used to have clausa I don’t know what happened to it. I don’t think this is it because of the red.

    The red petioles are very prominent and it’s definitely stoloniferous. Makes me think it’s clausa var normalis.

    I had capit-avis but the description doesn’t seem to match.

  • Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

    Andrea, while it certainly appears to be stoloniferous, take a look at my pictures of clausa var. normalis in the HL, I feel the backs of the petioles are more red in yours but that could environmental. I rather suspect the flowers will really tell the story. If indeed it is clausa in my experience it should have been the first one to break ground in the spring.


    BTW, I have a kikutii from seed collected in the wild by a local botanist and ever since I got it 4 years ago I've been trying to nail down the variety. Not sure I'm there yet, BUT, it's VERY different from what you're showing here.

    These are 2 different seedlings from the same source, both are kinda wavy, the youngest one is almost serrated.

    These are the flowers of the seedling to the right in the above picture and the scape is held almost horizontally.


    ademink thanked Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.
  • Babka NorCal 9b

    I had a Kikutii f. leuconota many years ago before digital cameras. It was unique to me because of the densely flowered white scapes that came out horizontally, rather than up. Long slender leaves with white backs. No red parts. I miss that plant!


    ademink thanked Babka NorCal 9b
  • ademink

    Pieter - those are beautiful plants!!

    It was indeed one of the first to come up in the spring. It looks like I'll have to be patient for the flowers. The petioles are VERY red but between this and kikutii, they seem to have a mind of their own!

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