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Square sinks harder to clean?

Mittens Cat
May 15, 2019

Wondering if the cool, contemporary style sinks that seem to show up everywhere these days are much harder to clean than round or oval shaped sinks? Just seem like getting into the corners might add a few more painful seconds to the cleaning routine. Thanks

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  • Catriona Adam

    Nah - no biggie

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    I've installed lots of Kohler 3821s and have yet to get a complaint that the square corners are difficult to clean.

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  • PRO
    Atherton Design
    I use the Kohler Ladena #K-2215 a lot. It gives you the look of a square sink but has no corners to clean. In fact, I have one in my own bathroom and it’s super easy to wipe out.
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  • susanzone5 (NY)

    As long as your sponge is flexible, it's no big deal.

  • amemm

    We have square sinks in our kitchen, and I don't like it, because to me, they are harder to clean. I have to dig into those corners to get stuff out, that normally would come out with a rinse of the faucet sprayer. May not be an issue for you with a bathroom sink, but I regret installing them in my kitchen.

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  • Mittens Cat

    That was my concern. Thanks for the honest input!

  • B F

    I have a square sink like the one below and even though I think it's pretty, I HATE IT. when I used to have a round sink, I would just grab a towel and wipe it down super fast in one quick spiral-shaped motion. with the square sink, I have to wipe the top edge, then down each of the walls, then the bottom, then poke my finger in the towel so I can detail the corners. and that's just the inside of the sink. it doesn't take forever, but if you want to do it every day it's just annoying.

    also: if you're considering a counter top style: mine splashes water on the mirror every single time we use it. it's basically never free of water spots, unless we move in super slow motion. if you want a huge mirror that sits low, consider an under mount sink, or mount your mirror higher up like the one in this picture.

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  • Mittens Cat

    Thanks BF! That's exactly what I fretted about, and more. Round, undermounted sinks coming up!!

  • tatts

    And yet nobody worries about beveled tile backsplashes...

  • artemis_ma

    tatts, obviously some of us do. That's why some of us don't have them.

  • Mittens Cat

    Fortunately, I don't like beveled anything. At least not this week! :)

  • B F

    another thing about mine: the bottom is flat. I spend extra time splashing water around to rinse it. I do that with a round sink too, but the flat bottom means I need to really flood it to get toothpaste, etc, to drain. it takes more splashing / more time.

    my sister actually keeps a decorative pitcher next to her sink to rinse it (it's a long flat rectangle shape). some people don't use it and it gets so gross.

    I would imagine that the Kohler Ladena #K-2215 that Atherton Design mentioned above would be easier to use than mine.

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  • Mittens Cat

    Thanks B F. Yep, that's another significant concern. I'm an uninspired housecleaner, so any extra steps are a big "no thanks" in my book. (Which is why the freestanding tub fell off the wish list.)

  • CindyR

    I love how our bathroom rectangular, squarish under mount looks, but not how it functions, for the reasons others mentioned. When we do our master bathroom we will use nice ( oval )sinks.

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