Help with floorplan - bathroom is small

May 16, 2019

I need help with my floorplan. We've signed a contract on this home, but we can still make small changes (like move non-supporting walls) up until he starts framing it.

This is the upstairs of a 2 story home. 2 bedrooms each with a walk-in closet, an office, and a full bathroom (with a bathtub). 2 boys will be sharing this bathroom. There is no utility closet upstairs, but we may put either a corner cabinet or a wardrobe at the end of the hallway to store extra towels, toilet paper, sheets, etc).

I'm worried that the bath is too small.

1. We COULD split bedroom 1's closet down the middle, get rid of Bedroom 2's walk-in closet, and extend the bathroom to that entire length (making the bath 7' x 12). See the second photo, I've outlined in black what these changes would look like. If we did this, we'll bump out the closets into the bedroom space by maybe a foot in each bedroom to make them about 3 ft deep and I'm guessing that's about 8ft long. I hate getting rid of the walk in closets though. I also hate making the bedrooms any smaller.

2. We could just shorten Bedroom 2's walk in closet by a few inches to make the bathroom a little bigger. Bath would then be 6'9" x 7' and closet would be 5'5" x 7'. Builder doesn't feel like that closet can get any smaller than it is right now and still be walk-in. So he doesn't like this idea much.

3. We can leave it alone, maybe it isn't as cramped as it looks.

I plan to have the bathroom door moved further from the stairs than what is pictured.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

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