Clump standouts

June 11, 2019

What your best standout clumps?


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  • organic_kitten

    Propably Clown Parade, Pink Gingham, Little Light of Mine, El Desperado, Mean Green Bob Marley, Black Falcon Ritual, Entwined in the Vine.


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  • Nancy 6b

    Clown Parade for me too, seems to do well every year. Elegant Candy, Oktoberfest, Lady Neva seem to do well consistently. I know there are others, but most of my plants have good years and bad. Especially when I am talking about getting rid of one because it does not bloom that well, suddenly it will have an outstanding year. Probably need to go to each plant at the beginning of the year and let them know they could be out of here up front.

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  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    An oldie Mary Todd.

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  • harold100

    Buttered Popcorn

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  • harold100

    Today's surprise. Wineberry Candy.

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  • Nancy 6b

    I should have also mentioned Rock Solid. Not everyone likes the color, but it has not failed to give instant rebloom and even triple. I had the plant now about 5 years. The 2nd bloom year 3 of 5 fans were blooming at the same time with 3 scapes, another had 2 scapes. The 5th fan was too small to bloom. The next year 3 of 7 fans had 3 fans each, 2 had 2 fans, 2 only had 1 fan each. This year so far only 2 fans have instant rebloom, but that can still change. It does make for a stunning clump whether you like the color or not.

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  • mantis__oh

    There are so many. Just look at the posts. Some things do bloom all at once, such as El Desperado. Don't like that. Some are also space hogs--am especially aware of this in a rainy year.

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